Sunday, 14 July 2013

Amanda's blog - an introduction

My first Blog Post! hey guys, I'm Amanda and this is my first post on Google blogger, although I'm not exactly a blogging virgin, you can find my previous blog by clicking here

So this is going to include a whole lot of selfies and some info about who I am I guess. Hope you're ready.

I grew up in a lovely (it's not) town called Feltham, which I understand to be on the outskirts of London. There's not a lot there in terms of shops/bars/clubs so me and my friends would always hop on the bus to go shopping or go out clubbing. Since moving to North London about 10 months ago for uni I've been going out a lot more, not just because that's typically what students do but because all the clubs are easier to get to now! and live with my friend Rosa who I met on the first day of classes. I go to London Metropolitan University where I study English Literature and Creative writing. It was either writing or art that I wanted to do when I grew up, but I chose writing because I think I'm better at it than painting.

Not that I'm saying I'm a great writer though, I still have a lot to learn! I sometimes read my work from months ago and cringe at how bad it sounds, but it's all part of honing your skills I guess.

Right now I'm on Summer break and approaching my third year at uni from September, but we won't talk about that quiet yet because the thought of writing my dissertation has me a little nauseous. I can't even imagine writing 10,000 words! anyway, I don't have to think about that for a while.

 During this break I'm attempting to get some writing done everyday, finally read all the books that I didn't have time to, job hunt, intern-ship hunt, get back into exercising regularly and setting my goals for the next year - I mean, why wait until New Years? if you're going to change something about yourself you shouldn't wait for a specific time of year to do it, just do it now! not that I'm an expert, I'm still struggling to tick things off the list from years ago, but I'll get there.

Currently on the list of self improvement goals are:

Quit smoking (I'm a smoker of three years)
Eat healthier
Finish my novel

Not easy things to do by any means but what's the point in a goal if it's easy?

as well as writing and painting, I'm also really into photography. I studied it at A level and ever I've just loved playing tourist. I haven't actually organised a photo trip in a long time, but whenever I'm out I try and remember to take my camera, you never no what great photo opp's are out there.

What you can expect from my blog - outfit updates, fashion inspiration, food porn, recipes, my thoughts, and general updates about my shenanigans in London. Me and my friend Julia are sitting at home right now, I'm ridiculously excited about creating this blog and she's excited to read it, lame I know haha. I hope you like the sound of it, there will be more to come!

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  1. Great intro hun :) It's lovely to see a fellow Buzzneter over here on Blogspot :D Looking forward to seeing your post. Following you on Bloglovin


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