Friday, 19 July 2013

Outfit post - Mint green addiction

I got this beautiful mint coloured jumper for £2 at a charity shop, I love wearing bright colours all year round but there's something whimsical about pastels in the spring and summer time. The sunshine just makes the colour come alive. The leggings are New Look I think.

I got the ring at the same charity shop as the jumper, it cost something ridiculous like 50p, I love a bargain!
The nail polish is Lycra professional finish by Rimmel in the shade Peppermint.

On my face I wear Maybelline dream matte mouse in Cocoa, luminous pressed powder in shade 04 by Sleek, a little MAC matte blusher in Raizin, GOSH long lasting lip marker in Berry, Collection 2000 black liquid eyeliner, Benefit eyeshadow in getaway and beyond real length and volume mascara by GOSH.

I wore this to do a student cooking show for Panosonic, I don't even know why I signed up to it to be honest, I have terrible stage fright, as demonstrated when I started to stutter and become all embarrassed as soon as they announced the camera was on. I took the longest out of everyone because I had to do like a million takes for each shot. I'm not a really shy person or anything, I just get performance anxiety!

6am wakeup calls are not the one. Tempted to bail out at the last minute I got ready pretty quickly and forced myself to show up. There was a pretty nice catered lunch halfway through the day which we all desperately needed by that point ( none of us had been clever enough to eat breakfast )  In the end due to poor planning on their part, I wasn't in the show for more that a few minutes, which I don't mind. For taking part I got a pretty impressive and pricey microwave! totally worth it I think, and pushing myself to do these things can only improve my confidence.

Happy Friday! hope you are somewhere nice enjoying the sunshine.


  1. I love pastels too hun, they are just so pretty and floaty. Your nail polish is super pretty and I love the gold bow.

    Well done for going for it on the cooking show. I think it's great that you pushed yourself to do something that's out of your comfort zone. I really hope it helps your confidence and things :)

    1. Thank you, it was so scary, but I'm glad I made myself do it! =)


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