Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rockabilly/pin up look

The other day I was thinking about my style in general and realised that I'm in a bit of a rut, due to lack of funds and creativity. I recently made myself a Pinterest  if you want to check it out. It's kind of like a more organised Tumblr if you're not familiar with it. I found myself looking at all the old Hollywood styles, pin up and rockabilly. I love all the effort people went to in those days, perfectly rolled curls with not a hair out of place, cat eye liner and bold lips, the sexiest wiggle dresses, flared hem lines and curve hugging bodices. I've always been interested in those kinds of styles, one picture in particular inspired me, of a girl wearing a nirvana top, her hair up and curled in a bandanna. So I decided to re-create the look in my own way.

I wasn't fully commited to the look, hence why my hair isn't perfectly in place!

Lipstick is by Sleek in the colour Russian Roulette.

Eye shadow is by Benefit in Getaway, skinny mini liquid eyeliner by Eyeko in black. Brows were defined using Barry M super soft eye crayon in colour 102. I left out mascara because it seemed a bit much for daytime.

Eye liner applying tip. Pull the lid taut at the far outer corner, apply liquid liner in one fluid motion as close to the lash line as possible so there is no gap between liner and eye. Ease off the pressure as you get closer to the corner so the liner grows to a smaller point at the flick. Make the flick go up from the bottom outer corner of the eye so the point of the flick looks sharper. Repeat process until the line is as thick as you want it.

I also used a little bit of blush - Matte Mac one in Razin - but you can't really tell, which is what I wanted. I chose quiete a dark red for the day but if I were to wear this look out at night, I'd put on a pair of false lashes and wear a much brighter red on the lips, possibly one with a sheen. I'm in LOVE with this eyeliner! I got it free in a magazine, before now I'd never heard of the brand 'Eyeko' a company that focuses spcifically on make-up products for the eyes. I feel like I've been searching a long time for the perfect eyeliner, it has to b liquid, preferably a marker style for ease of use, and a really intense black, this one ticked all the boxes! For me I feel it's a little pricey at £8 but totally worth it for the quality.

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  1. such an iconic look and you suit it so much :) I love the winged eyeliner, you did a great job ^^


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