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Fakery (pronounced fake-ery) is a term I heard on that tragic but addictive t.v. programme 'Snog, marry avoid'. By my understanding the term means someone who has a lot of 'fake' things about their appearance, like acrylic nails, hair extensions, fake tan, lots of make-up, false eyelashes or lash extensions, and cosmetic surgery. There are other shows that stand as prime examples too, such as reality show 'The only way is Essex' in which the girls always travel in heels, yes, even to walk the dog. They also have a lot of make-up on. One of the girls in the show admitted to wearing 5 pairs of false lashes to her friend while they were just sitting in front of her t.v. All very strange if you ask me. I've been thinking a lot about fakery lately, and how ingrained it is in the average woman, and a lot of men too.

I found this today, pretty interesting how our perception of beauty has changed, and scary how it is reflected here in this young girls toy.

I remember when I was in secondary school and was reading through the revised school rules, one of them stated that 'minimal make-up is allowed to make the student look presentable'. At the time, I didn't think anything of it. What the fuck do they mean 'presentable'? I find that offensive to be honest. Are the young girls at my school not presentable without make-up? or are only some of them deemed hideous enough to need the face paint. So what do we say to the world by putting all of this stuff on? hello, this isn't how I actually look, but it's how I'd like to look? in the simplest terms, yes. Have you ever wondered why it makes us feel better, prettier, sexier, more confident? Let's have a look at a brilliant example. The picture below shows the reality star Heidi Montag before and after cosmetic surgery.

I find it funny that she doesn't look as happy in the second photo.

Here is a list of all the procedures she has had done:

Brow lift
Nose job (again)
Botox in forehead and in-between brows
Neck liposuction
Ears pinned back
Fat injections in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips
Liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thigh 
Chin reduction
Buttock Augmentation
Breast Augmentation (again) (She's now DDD)

I just don't understand why she felt the need to have all this surgery. She was a naturally beautiful girl before and now, frankly, she looks a little scary. Like an expressionless barbie doll. Then again maybe that was the look she was going for. This kind of extreme body modification makes me wonder why so many people feel like they aren't good enough. I'd like to blame it all on the media and say that staring at images of perfectly presented people in magazines, on billboards, in music videos etc, makes women feel inadequate. Although this is true, it's not like we are idiots  we know that almost all these images have been tampered with because even celebrities aren't perfect. Nobody can realistically look perfect all of the time but this is what we feel is expected of us more and more. 

Other than drag queens, pornstars have the most dramatic difference between before and after getting ready.

This is a self inflicted pressure too, we see someone we admire who looks fabulous and we want to look like them. I'm trying to understand why that is. Maybe it's because we feel that if we look like these people who are so successful, then we can have a similar life and be happier. Maybe its purely a trend thing, so and so is wearing this and has this hairstyle so I will too. Some believe that if you don't put enough effort into your physical appearance you won't get a job or a boyfriend/girlfriend which is fucking ridiculous

Child pageants are another one of those dangerous and cruel things we have in the world that are just unnecessary  Below is the child pageant star Eden before and after photoshop.

As if all that heavy make-up, overly plucked eyebrows and hours in the hair chair wasn't enough, they had to photo shop her into looking like a doll. I hate pageants in general, but child pageants shouldn't exist. It's just teaching young girls to judge others by appearance, not just a bit of fun. It also shows how terrible parents can be (remember the mother who gave her child botox? what is almost worse is when asked about it the 8 year old said that although it hurt but she was used to the pain...)

The people who only have a few fake things about their appearance feel the right to judge those who are more obvious about their fakery. It's funny really, and quiet hypocritical. Fake is fake, no matter the quantity. it's also a culture thing as much as anything else, if you're friends look a certain way you're likely to look that way too. Not always, but in most cases its true, you can't help but be influenced by people you like ie: friends and celebrities.

Out of all of my sisters (3) I am the one who wears the most make-up and wear it more often. I put this down to wanting to be a make-up artist when I was younger and also being into art in general but perhaps there are underlying reasons? this is me before and after make-up.

I'm not suggesting we go back to the days where you pinch your cheeks to achieve that peachy looking flush, but for goodness sake some of you need to tone it down, a lot. In terms of make-up and styling, it can be fun to experiment and creative too, but when you feel the need to look a certain level of good just for going to the shops, there's obviously a problem. Most of the time I don't even think about the negative effects all this fakery can have, because everyone does it. It's gotten to the point where if I meet a girl around my age or even younger who doesn't wear make-up - I am genuinely shocked, that's how normalised it has become. Hopefully not forever though.

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