Monday, 19 August 2013

Miles Aldridge retrospective - I only want you to love me

Miles Aldridge is probably my favourite fashion photographer. I chose him as one of my artists to study back when I did photography A Level, I saw just one of his photographs and instantly fell in love. One of my favourite things about his work is the colour schemes, they always work for each particular concept he is going for. His work is vibrant, exaggerated and sexy high fashion, with just a hint of sinister - check out his website to see what I'm taking about.

So when I found out there would be a retrospective of his work for the release of his book 'I only want you to love me' I had to go. 

Somerset house, the location of this exhibit, is a very stunning location in itself. Originally completed in 1551 for the Duke of Somerset, the poor Duke did not get to enjoy the palace much because he was executed  for treason. The grand building is host to a variety of arts and entertainment, in the picture below there is a large screen which turns into an outdoor cinema in the evenings, tickets are expensive but if you're feeling rich you can buy them here.

I got a bit lost and had to ask several people where I was going but eventually I found the exhibit in the east wing (in my defence, this place is huge!)

This is one of my favourite photographs from the retrospective, all the women in Aldridge's photos appear in some kind of despair, whether that be obvious (above picture) or more subtle (below picture) I wanted to take more pictures for you but the security woman was giving us that 'you shouldn't really take pictures' look and she looked scary to be honest. As well as the large scale prints, there is also his hand drawn storyboards, magazines full of his work and polaroids. It really helped me to better understand his creative process.

I got my ticket here for just £3 - it's only £3 on a Monday - which is pretty damn cheap. I also met a lovely photographer on the way to the exhibit who said his work was very influenced by Miles Aldridge but I can't remember his name unfortunately. I'm so glad I went, I feel very inspired.

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  1. WOW, that photography is just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this post, i'll definitely check out the link!
    It's been forever since I last went to an exhibition, i NEED ONE NOW!!! :)


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