Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Photo diary, my 2013 so far.

I'm pretty bored right now what with no part time job on the horizon and uni 2 months away. I haven't been up to much as my funds are quiet non-existent, exciting I know. So I thought it would cheer myself up to look at the fun times I've had this year so far.

I spent some quality sister time in China Town.

The food there is so good, we were also looking for something to get my mother for her birthday.

I spent some time in the park with friends, soaking up the little sunshine that we get in this country!

We played some drinking games before heading out to Camden.

Super delicious hangover food American style, courtesy of 'The Diner' in Camden.

Spent the day on Regent Street with Julia and Rosa sipping cocktails, eating dessert and enjoying the sunshine.

I spent some much needed catch up time with my friends back home.

Had an amazing time clubbing for Rosa's birthday at Picadilly Institute which I blogged about here.

Went out in kingston for Vickies birthday, just before this shot was taken some guy spilt his drink down my dress, I politely acted as if I didn't care.

My older sister Amy made this cool collage for mothers day, we celebrated by sitting at home eating junk food and watching films, why break tradition eh?

Went out in Angel to a bar called 'Ladybug' shoutout to the bartender who gave me a free shot!

Got a little too drunk at Emma's birthday at Tiger Tiger night club, London.

I saw the 'Swiss Lips' concert in Shoreditch.

I've done a lot of other things like painting, more clubbing, photography, and such, but this was starting to become a very picture heavy post so I held back a little! I can't wait to start my final year of university in September, also I turn 22 around the time I go back so it's double the reason to celebrate. I haven't got anything planned yet so I'd better get a move on! Currently I've spent the past two days in the gym that I just joined, yesterday was my first step class which was horrific! I've never done constant high energy exercise for 45 minutes before so it was a real test of my endurance (or lack there of) but I'm glad I pushed myself, the teacher is a lovely pint sized lady who smiled the whole way through which kind of helped me to not give up. Tonight me and my flat mates have a Fast Abbs class which is only 15 minutes long but is apparently 'excruciating' so obviously I'm terrified, but I'm sure I'll survive.

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  1. I LOVE China Town so much :) It's so fun and all the unusual foods and stuff ahhhhhh i need to make a trip :)
    lovely photo diary hun :)


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