Thursday, 29 August 2013

Take me back to uni!

I think I'm slowly starting to lose my mind with how much free time I have at the moment. I'm approaching my third and final year so I already know the deal, go to uni for 8 months, 4 months off, that doesn't make it any easier to conjure up new ways of spending my time though. I'm so desperate to go back! I need some structure in my days, and not to sound like a complete nerd but... I miss learning. Unfortunately my trusty card reader has died on me and I keep forgetting to get a replacement, so I can't share all my new photo's with you! what I can do is steal other peoples photos (Like Rosa's, thanks girl!) and tell you about what I've been up to. First of all, here are a few photos I forgot to include in my Heaven and Roadhouse blog.

Me and Julia at Heaven nightclub, they were giving out free glow sticks to a select few of the guests. I felt special to be one of them (just kidding)

The amazing BBQ chicken and bacon melt that Rosa had when we went for dinner at Roadhouse, that red blur in the background is me frantically shaking the ketchup bottle, if you can't tell.

and the other blurry pics from Roadhouse, after the third cocktail things got a little hazy but I remember having a great time, and dancing until my feet practically fell off. I left 'early' because I was tired, and we'd been there for almost 8 hours! Probably should have taken a disco nap.

Right now I'm reading lots, drawing, spending some much needed time with the family - who I haven't seen in so long - and trying to see as many friends as possible before I head back to North London to start university again. I just finished reading 'The fault in our stars' by John Green, if you haven't read it I whole heartedly recommend! it's fantastic if you love touching, realistic, and slightly tragic love stories. I usually gag at love stories but this one is very well written. Also 'The fault in our stars' is being made into a film as we speak and I am so so excited for that. I'm trying to avoid the t.v. because frankly, it is the most evil and time wasting thing ever invented, and whenever it's on and I'm in the room I never achieve anything. I still haven't planned anything for my birthday, I am the WORST at planning birthdays, or planning anything actually. Organisation is not my thing, but I never mind what I do as long as I manage to see both my friends and my family and there's cake involved.

Hope to be blogging more exciting things soon guys xoxo


  1. You look so lovely and happy hun :) Good luck with your third year of uni, any plans for graduation? or what happens next? :D

    1. Aww thank you! I had such a great time, I'm so so nervous for this year, I'm not quiet sure what I'm going to do once I leave, it will be strange not being in education for the first time ever, I'm thinking about fashion editing, journalism and the like. I really want a job where I'm paid to write =)


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