Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween part 1

So we all decided to go to the student bar down our road yesterday for Halloween. We plan on going somewhere else Friday, hence why this post is called 'Part 1'. I don't want to be the same thing twice for Halloween so yesterday I did a pretty rushed, pretty crappy job of being a cat, mainly because I had a pair of pear cat ears lying around. Friday I plan on being a hopefully better looking Witch. I played around with my make-up a bit, not really sure what I was doing I looked up some Halloween cat make-up on Google for some inspiration. I still don't know if I like how it turned out but hey ho, at least I tried!

I also had my hair done a dark browny-red colour.

Make-up info: 
was Barry M dazzle dust in black over Barry M black pencil liner (helps the dazzle dust to stick to the lid and last longer) I also used the pencil liner for the cat whiskers and nose. the silver in the inner corners of my eyes is colour appeal eyeshadow by Loreal, Lashes were katy Perry in 'Oh my', lipstick is Avon.

Rosa also decided to be a cat but a much more gothic version, great minds think alike.

Julia was a sexy witch, she was a little bummed out that she didn't have a broom so...

She deicded to live out her Witch flying fantasy and pose with our mop, if you squint your eyes it almost looks like a broom!

I don't even know how Ross ended up going along with this, but he's a great sport! Rosa was kind enough to buy some loo roll for his impromptu zombie 'costume'. This came about because we get into the student bar for free if you dress up. To be fair this looked less shoddy in real life, the fake blood kind of brings the whole look together. We went to bar, drank wine, played pool and danced. There was a competition for best costume, but as it was a bar full of students there wasn't much to choose from! I had fun but I'm way more excited for Cargo tomorrow, I'm a Witch every single year but if it ain't broke don't fix it / if you're poor and need a costume just use what you already have to hand.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Photo diary - fun times.

Although I've had next to no money, I've still managed to do a couple fun things. Now that I'm back at uni there won't be much time for all this stuff so I've made the most of it. Here are some of the things I've been up to lately.

My friend Chris bought me this amazing shisha pipe for my birthday, I haven't used it yet but I'm excited to give it a try!

We had some pretty great cocktails at a pub in Camden, this last one was called 'creamy vanilla skies' which consisted of Tia Maria, fresh cream, milk and vanilla vodka.

I did a little reading in the sunshine, my current read is 'Catching Fire' by Suzanne Collins.

The cats made the most of the sunshine too!

Make-up and hair looks for my birthday.

My little sisters love to bake, while I was visiting home we cooked and baked a lot, this was cinnamon and vanilla cake.

 By the time it I was all packed and ready to go, my cat gave me a pretty obvious hint that he didn't want me to leave!

As soon as I got back to North London my friends treated me to some champagne and one of the best birthday cakes I've ever tasted! I'm lucky to have -and live with- such kind and lovely friends.

I chilled out with some pizza and watched Clueless, gotta love crazy Friday nights.

I was lucky enough to go see Paramore in Concert! I've been wanting to see this band since I was 14. These photo's don't belong to me, I picked them up from around the web because all the pics I took were blurry, I was too busy having an amazing time to worry about picture quality!

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