Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halloween part 2.

So we went to Cargo in Shoreditch on Friday for Halloween shenanigans part 2. This time I decided to dust off the old Witch hat (Quite literally, I found it on top of my wardrobe covered in dust!) and put on a black frock for the occasion, though I can't remember where it's from. It rained quiet a bit which sucked - all that time wasted on hair for nothing! - but we didn't let that dampen our spirits. The music was great, the wine was good and the company was excellent as always. I also threw in some photo's from my birthday in September and a few other outings I forgot to blog about.

Me and Rosa, both dressed as cats at the student bar.

Cargo on Friday, we hit the bar and enjoyed the eclectic but always good music. Trying to adjust this massive Witch hat in photo's so that it doesn't bump my friends in the head proved annoying.

Porn star lashes! I found the biggest most fluttery pair I could possibly find, by Eyelure I believe.

Make-up is a mixture of blues from a GOSH pallette and collection 2000 liquid eyeliner.

The fake blood was very messy but looked pretty effective I think, by the end of the night the blood started to peel off, but that just adds to the whole sense of halloween right? 

We also went to a little bar across our road called 'Big Red' which is a rock and roll themed bar, great music and cool decor, it's a little on the small side but I still wholeheartedly recommend.

I almost forgot to include this hot pic of Rosa posing at the bar, wanting to look dead in the most chic of ways (she's cat roadkill)

Blurry pic from our adventures in Shoreditch.

Aaaaand two pics from my birthday, which I can't remember if I've shared already or not. 

I look so ecstatically happy because this was the first time I got to see my best friends in a month! it's weird when you live with friends and you don't see them for an extended period of time, you really really miss them because you're so used to spending every day together, it was like a double celebration - my 22nd birthday and being reunited with the girls. Halloween was so much fun this year, but oh god did I drink a lot (never mix wine with vodka) and I was really paying for it the next day.

Speaking of which - when I got home from Cargo the fire alarm was going off like was crazy even though there was no fire. I was so frustrated by the constant and loud beeping that I took off the cover, took out the batteries, even cut the wires for fucks sake but it just kept beeping! then I realised it was coming from the fire alarm in the hallway just outside out door (can you believe we have 3 different fire alarms? ridiculous!) I wasn't tall enough to reach this one so I put up with this beeping for SEVEN HOURS. Until Rosa eventually came home in the afternoon the next day to help. It's so crazy, I can still faintly hear the beeping inside my head, even though I know it's long since stopped by now. Rosa said that in Guantanimo bay they play alarms all night as a torture tactic. I can definitely believe that!

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  1. I love your kitty ears in the first pic, they are so cute ^^ and Happy Belated Birthday hun, looks like a great night


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