Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bar Soho.

So me, Julia and Rosa finally made it to Bar soho, and by finally I mean we've literally tried three different times before to go to this bar, but something has always stopped us last minute. Either we were too late for entry or sick etc and we even joked that it was 'The curse of Bar Soho' but no longer! I put on a pair of heels, a massive fur coat and headed out to see if it could possibly live up to the imagined hype that I'd formed in my head by this point.

These postcards/letters/whatever they are were stuck on the ceilings of each cubicle. 

The VIP room was partially hidden behind a wall filled with Champagne, fancy.

You can't really tell from the blury pic above, but we're in the secluded room upstairs, there were people dressed up wearing Learners signs and tutu's, pretty sure we accidentally crashed someone's party? but we didn't crash-crash, just danced in the corner, the music was way better up there.

The 'Giant Pornstar Martini' that we shared, though it was so fruity and delicious I could have had one to myself, and I saw many people around the bar doing just that.

They came around and dropped in a flashing light box thingy that made the drink look extra cool.

My pink shimmery top is from Asda, such a bargain! and the cotton skirt is from NewLook. As always, the night started off pretty sober and respectable, but it soon morphed into this...

I decided to get at least 1/4 of 1 of my 5 a day, by sucking out the last juicy drops of the orange wedge that came in my drink.

I spent most of the next day eating and watching TV, although I wasn't really that hungover so I had no excuse for being so lazy.

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, my new favourite meal for any time of the day. I watched a little Downton Abbey and then got lots of work done for uni (that last bit was a lie) Bar Soho was good, there needs to be more seating for us girls in heels though, we went on a Friday around 9pm so it was filled with people that looked like they were coming out from work, very a table if you can, it'll be worth it if you plan on staying the whole night. The cocktails aren't amazing to be honest, I watched the bar staff make them and they only use that artificial fruit syrup, the only fresh stuff is the fruit garnish, not to my liking. but they are pretty okay and good value for London. If I went again it would definitely be only on the weekend, and early! 

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  1. you look like you had a good night hun :) I love the pink sparkly top ^^


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