Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Student night.

We love the student bar in this flat, it's just down the road, the drinks are cheap and the music is usually good. We moan about having to dress up for all their themed nights but we secretly (not so secretly) love it. I found my striped shirt at a charity shop, pretty sure its a men's shirt too because the sleeves were a bit long on me. Its probably a sign that you go to the student bar too much when you have three pairs of nerd glasses in your drawer. Me and Julia went for the preppy look.

Rosa and Jack went more for the 'I'm a hipster but don't tell anyone' look.

We smoked Jacks e-cigarettes in the club, although the security guard came over at one point and said we weren't allowed to because 'the others might think its a real cigarette', um, helloooo the tip of it lights up neon blue! you'd have to be a moron to not realise it was fake. We had a good time but didn't end up staying too long. The bar has an annoying tradition of selling off the cheerleaders to the most rich and show-offy students in the place.Other than that it was another reliably good night as always, danced a bit, saw some people we'd rather avoid and drank, typical haha.

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  1. you guys always look like you have the best time ^^ makes me miss my students days haha


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