Friday, 26 July 2013

Teriyaki Salmon.

I'm not the best cook, but becoming a student has forced me to become more inventive in the kitchen, or else just eat beans for dinner every day. So I started looking up recipes online and found some that sounded tasty, and not too expensive either, definitely my kind of meal. I first tried this dish with chicken and also had great results so if you want to try this with chicken just adjust the cooking times accordingly. All of these measurements are assuming you are cooking for one.


Garlic or garlic powder
Dark Soy sauce
White cooking wine or Sake
Salmon fillet

Peel your ginger and grate, I like to get a big piece and grate all of it into a small Tupperware pot so that it's easier to use next time, but know that in that state, even refrigerated, it will only last a week.

This jar was invented for lazy students like me, if you prefer to buy fresh then use 2 cloves chopped or half a of teaspoon garlic powder) depending on taste, I love garlic so I use a heaped teaspoon, about 4 cloves.

As you can probably tell by now, I'm not one for sticking strictly to measurements, if you are then pour in 3 tablespoons of dark soy sauce.

Pour in about 2 tablespoons of white cooking wine or if you have the money use Sake.

For flavour, but also so the fish doesn't dry out in the oven, pour in 3 tablespoons of oil, mix the ingredients up and then get the salmon out of the fridge.

Put the salmon fillet into the bowl and coat the fish well.

Cover with cling-film and leave to marinade for at least an hour. At the 50 minute mark take the salmon out of the fridge and leave it on the side. Pre heat the oven to 200C/180fan/Gas6

After ten minutes pop it into the oven to cook for 10 - 15 minutes.

You should serve it with egg noodles and veggies and sprinkle it with toasted seaseme seeds. I'm broke however and so did none of that. I served my salmon with whatever I happened to have left in the flat (it was near food shop day) which happened to be potatoes.

Not the most attractive meal to photograph, but it tastes much better than it looks trust me! a small lemon wedge to serve would also be nice. Or just buy a bottle of lemon juice like me. Hey, cut lemons go off quickly! 

Hope you enjoyed my recipe, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rockabilly/pin up look

The other day I was thinking about my style in general and realised that I'm in a bit of a rut, due to lack of funds and creativity. I recently made myself a Pinterest  if you want to check it out. It's kind of like a more organised Tumblr if you're not familiar with it. I found myself looking at all the old Hollywood styles, pin up and rockabilly. I love all the effort people went to in those days, perfectly rolled curls with not a hair out of place, cat eye liner and bold lips, the sexiest wiggle dresses, flared hem lines and curve hugging bodices. I've always been interested in those kinds of styles, one picture in particular inspired me, of a girl wearing a nirvana top, her hair up and curled in a bandanna. So I decided to re-create the look in my own way.

I wasn't fully commited to the look, hence why my hair isn't perfectly in place!

Lipstick is by Sleek in the colour Russian Roulette.

Eye shadow is by Benefit in Getaway, skinny mini liquid eyeliner by Eyeko in black. Brows were defined using Barry M super soft eye crayon in colour 102. I left out mascara because it seemed a bit much for daytime.

Eye liner applying tip. Pull the lid taut at the far outer corner, apply liquid liner in one fluid motion as close to the lash line as possible so there is no gap between liner and eye. Ease off the pressure as you get closer to the corner so the liner grows to a smaller point at the flick. Make the flick go up from the bottom outer corner of the eye so the point of the flick looks sharper. Repeat process until the line is as thick as you want it.

I also used a little bit of blush - Matte Mac one in Razin - but you can't really tell, which is what I wanted. I chose quiete a dark red for the day but if I were to wear this look out at night, I'd put on a pair of false lashes and wear a much brighter red on the lips, possibly one with a sheen. I'm in LOVE with this eyeliner! I got it free in a magazine, before now I'd never heard of the brand 'Eyeko' a company that focuses spcifically on make-up products for the eyes. I feel like I've been searching a long time for the perfect eyeliner, it has to b liquid, preferably a marker style for ease of use, and a really intense black, this one ticked all the boxes! For me I feel it's a little pricey at £8 but totally worth it for the quality.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Outfit post - Mint green addiction

I got this beautiful mint coloured jumper for £2 at a charity shop, I love wearing bright colours all year round but there's something whimsical about pastels in the spring and summer time. The sunshine just makes the colour come alive. The leggings are New Look I think.

I got the ring at the same charity shop as the jumper, it cost something ridiculous like 50p, I love a bargain!
The nail polish is Lycra professional finish by Rimmel in the shade Peppermint.

On my face I wear Maybelline dream matte mouse in Cocoa, luminous pressed powder in shade 04 by Sleek, a little MAC matte blusher in Raizin, GOSH long lasting lip marker in Berry, Collection 2000 black liquid eyeliner, Benefit eyeshadow in getaway and beyond real length and volume mascara by GOSH.

I wore this to do a student cooking show for Panosonic, I don't even know why I signed up to it to be honest, I have terrible stage fright, as demonstrated when I started to stutter and become all embarrassed as soon as they announced the camera was on. I took the longest out of everyone because I had to do like a million takes for each shot. I'm not a really shy person or anything, I just get performance anxiety!

6am wakeup calls are not the one. Tempted to bail out at the last minute I got ready pretty quickly and forced myself to show up. There was a pretty nice catered lunch halfway through the day which we all desperately needed by that point ( none of us had been clever enough to eat breakfast )  In the end due to poor planning on their part, I wasn't in the show for more that a few minutes, which I don't mind. For taking part I got a pretty impressive and pricey microwave! totally worth it I think, and pushing myself to do these things can only improve my confidence.

Happy Friday! hope you are somewhere nice enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The 'wow' cake

Everyone has that cake, the one they bake, or have baked for them, that you see and go 'wow' because it looks that good, it looks like a lot of effort was put into it. This is next to no effort I assure you, but it still looks impressive and tastes amazing. This happened to me when I saw my friend Julia baking a cake for someone's birthday. I was so impressed by it that I decided to make one of my own for my little sister's birthday. Okay, here it is.

It's just...


Its easy to make too. At least if you're a cheat like me.

1) Grab a box of chocolate cake mix, I'm going to insist you not buy the cheap ones just because I believe there is a big difference in quality. My cake mix was Betty Crocker.

2) whip up the cake mix and bake in a cake tin, try to get one that has the bottom which pushes up, makes it a lot easier to get the cake out once it's done.

3) Allow cake to cool. Just for emphasize I'll state that again. Allow cake to cool. if you don't, then the frosting will melt right off, trust me I learnt this the hard way.

4) Use a tub of ready made chocolate frosting, you can do this all the long way if you wish but it will take double the time and create twice the amount of washing up. Apply the frosting thickly to the entire cake, no extra points for neatness here, most of it will be covered by chocolate and sweets anyhow.

5) Assemble your chocolates of choice. I used Lindor chocolate truffles and m&m's. You can use whatever chocolates or sweets you like, if you're baking this for a friend or family member in particular then it would be a nice touch to include all their favourites.

6) Admire your work. That is if you can wait that long before diving right in with a fork.

Damn, I want one right now. I don't just have a sweet tooth, all my teeth are sweet! if you make your own cake I'd love to see how it went. Also I'm looking for more blogs to follow so post your blog url in the comments so I can check them out!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Rosa's birthday weekend

This weekend we celebrated Rosa's birthday, she turned 21 so of course we had to go out. Before the big party we stayed in with a glass (or 5) of wine and watched chick flicks. I stupidly chose 'Dear John' thinking it would be a good tear jerker. There were no tears, I can't believe how comically bad that film is! Then we watched Breaking Dawn part 2 which was much much better, I'm not the biggest fan of the Twilight series, but the films are a lot better than the books at least. we tried to make Bradley - Rosa's boyfriend - an honorary girl for the night, but understandably he wasn't all too keen to discuss boys and nail polish.

The next day we went to Finsbury Park for a picnic in the sun, it was 30 degrees so for once, I actually put sunscreen on. I don't usually bother because I've never burnt in my life, but you can never be too careful with temperatures like these.

After a few plastic cups of Champagne and wine, we headed back to start getting ready for the night.

Chris looking very excited.

We arrived quiet early to the club, I've never been to Picadilly institute before but I loved it. Great cocktails, friendly bar staff and great, great music.

The birthday girl on the left next to Emma.

Rosa looking pretty with her boyfriend Bradley.

Chris posing with the white gloves and black glittery hat we found littering the club as decorations.

Bradley trying to look Italian.

Rosa and her mum, awwww.

The sharer cocktail came in a giant skull which I thought was pretty cool, I like how the candles on the tables looked like mini disco balls. Rosa's fabulous dress is from Asos.

The cocktails were delicious, and during happy hour pretty reasonably priced too. Picadilly institute is a minutes walk from the station, nicely decorated and the people seemed friendly too, the music is mostly current chart hits which I loved. I'd definitely come here again when I'm feeling rich. Stupidly, me Chris and Lucy decided to come home early, and that's when I'd discovered that I'd forgotten my keys.

We had to wait 4 hours until the other came home with the keys. Me and Lucy went to McDonald's for sustenance and waited it out, Chris was so exhausted that he just slept the time away. What an idiotic thing to do! I kept apologising for leaving the keys inside and prayed that they didn't hate me. Apart from this major blip in the night, I had a really great time. As soon as we got back inside we crashed and slept into the early afternoon. Thanks Rosa for a super fun time, hope you had an amazing 21st!

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