Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Dinner.

Christmas is that time when you can pretty much do/eat whatever you want, lounge around and be merry, or grumpy if you prefer. Christmas dinner is my favourite dinner of the year, even if it tastes worse that something I could get at Nandos, its still the best because you make it all yourself and you get that sense of achievement. So me, Julia and Rosa planned out a meal of epic proportions and as I thought, overestimated the capacity of our stomachs. We started preparing for our dinner early the next day, at 6am to be precise. We dragged our exhausted selves out of bed and got in the car to be the first ones at the supermarket. It's Christmas time and people can be very ruthless when it comes to seasonal food shopping so this was definitely necessary. At least we got to watch the sun come up.

We got back and the coffee I'd had that morning was so strong that I didn't even feel sleepy, so me and Julia had a bit of a clean up of the flat.

We got some quality Christmas crackers (poundland, they didn't even come with toys they came with stickers! haha) we started our first course.

Whiskey smoked salmon, cream cheese and lemon juice.

We had to put some Christmas-sy songs on to get us in the festive spirit, kind of hard to do when you're cooking for hours. 

We actually got the timings for all the cooking pretty spot on! Rosa took care of the roasted gammon wrapped in bacon which was amaaaaazing.

I took care of the cauliflower cheese and the carrots/broccoli. Apparently my cauliflower cheese was good, may just post a recipe for it at some point if I remember. 

We also had potatoes roasted in goose fat, Yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets.

We all ate ourselves into a bit of a food coma, but pushing through, we made room for dessert, Yule log with whipped cream and millionaires cheesecake. I also had a coffee with whipped cream.

That Cheesecake… if you see in Sainsbury's buy it, it was so so good.

The jokes were as comically bad as to be expected. 

Workout selfie - 2 days later (I was still too full the next day) I had a long workout, not sure how many calories we consumed in that day alone but it was definitely near enough double the daily recommended, oh well, its Christmas! Whenever you want to do/eat something overly indulgent just say 'Its Christmas!' and do it - works every time.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Double chocolate chip Cookie-Brownies

Okay, so from surfing the net a bit I've found a pretty solid way of making these delicious, hybrid of cookie and brownie. They are butter-free which allows me to say they are healthy, at least a lot healthier than most cookies/brownies. Its also without a doubt the best thing I've ever baked, (which generally doesn't say much because I've baked some serious SHIT) but, I wouldn't post this recipe if I hadn't metaphorically orgasmed over every bite. So, let's move on shall we?

By the by, I adapted this from several different recipes, all of which were using those weird 'Cup' measurements, so I converted them into tablespoons? just go with it.


1 small avacado

 1 large egg

1 teaspoon baking soda

10 tablespoons Caster sugar

10 tablespoonsof Cocoa Powder

7 heaped tablespoons of plain flour

Around 200g of chopped chocolate (any kind you like, I used white and milk)

Preheat your oven to 180c, and line your baking tray with greaseproof paper (you'll notice further down that I've used foil because I'm stupid, they won't stick to the paper though)

Choose quality chocolate like I did, haha, no but the better the quality of chocolate the better they'll taste.

Roughly chop chocolate (or chop finer if you like, but I like to have massive chunks in my cookies).

Here's our secret ingredient, Avocado! yes I was also skeptical, but food bloggers across the internet are raving about this amazing butter-substitute, so I decided hey, avocados are actually pretty cheap so let's give it a go and oh my gaaaaawd it works. I don't know how but trust me, you won't miss the butter, and you won't taste the Avocado at all.

Mash the avacado flesh up with a fork in a mixing bowl (or blend it). Mix the Avocado with the baking soda, egg, sugar, sifted flour and cocoa powder.

 Or drinking chocolate if you prefer, but use one less tablespoon of sugar if you are using drinking chocolate because they make it quiet a lot sweeter than cocoa powder - and we don't want to make them cookies too sweet.

Mix it all together until the batter is fairly thick, all ingredients are incorporated and its all shiny. Then spoon mix into cookie shapes. Now, don't be stupid like I was, make them as small as you can because they will spread a fair bit, you should be able to make six to eight depending on how small they are. I made four.

Oh what a surprise? the cookies that I made massive and didn't allow any room to bake, have merged together. Its cool we are all baking beginners here, right?

Separate cookies with a spatula if necessary, and allow to cool.

Or you can just eat them hot out of the oven, warning though, they will be super gooey on the inside, like a brownie- hence the Cookie-Brownie hybrid name -and will fall apart like so.

Cookie-Brownie is cookie in the front...

Brownie in the back!

Okay so that's it. Bake them, you will not regret it. Actually you may regret it when you manage to finish the whole batch to yourself in less than 24 hours, not that I did that.

I did.

Anyway, hope you like the recipe, happy baking!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Student night.

We love the student bar in this flat, it's just down the road, the drinks are cheap and the music is usually good. We moan about having to dress up for all their themed nights but we secretly (not so secretly) love it. I found my striped shirt at a charity shop, pretty sure its a men's shirt too because the sleeves were a bit long on me. Its probably a sign that you go to the student bar too much when you have three pairs of nerd glasses in your drawer. Me and Julia went for the preppy look.

Rosa and Jack went more for the 'I'm a hipster but don't tell anyone' look.

We smoked Jacks e-cigarettes in the club, although the security guard came over at one point and said we weren't allowed to because 'the others might think its a real cigarette', um, helloooo the tip of it lights up neon blue! you'd have to be a moron to not realise it was fake. We had a good time but didn't end up staying too long. The bar has an annoying tradition of selling off the cheerleaders to the most rich and show-offy students in the place.Other than that it was another reliably good night as always, danced a bit, saw some people we'd rather avoid and drank, typical haha.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bar Soho.

So me, Julia and Rosa finally made it to Bar soho, and by finally I mean we've literally tried three different times before to go to this bar, but something has always stopped us last minute. Either we were too late for entry or sick etc and we even joked that it was 'The curse of Bar Soho' but no longer! I put on a pair of heels, a massive fur coat and headed out to see if it could possibly live up to the imagined hype that I'd formed in my head by this point.

These postcards/letters/whatever they are were stuck on the ceilings of each cubicle. 

The VIP room was partially hidden behind a wall filled with Champagne, fancy.

You can't really tell from the blury pic above, but we're in the secluded room upstairs, there were people dressed up wearing Learners signs and tutu's, pretty sure we accidentally crashed someone's party? but we didn't crash-crash, just danced in the corner, the music was way better up there.

The 'Giant Pornstar Martini' that we shared, though it was so fruity and delicious I could have had one to myself, and I saw many people around the bar doing just that.

They came around and dropped in a flashing light box thingy that made the drink look extra cool.

My pink shimmery top is from Asda, such a bargain! and the cotton skirt is from NewLook. As always, the night started off pretty sober and respectable, but it soon morphed into this...

I decided to get at least 1/4 of 1 of my 5 a day, by sucking out the last juicy drops of the orange wedge that came in my drink.

I spent most of the next day eating and watching TV, although I wasn't really that hungover so I had no excuse for being so lazy.

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, my new favourite meal for any time of the day. I watched a little Downton Abbey and then got lots of work done for uni (that last bit was a lie) Bar Soho was good, there needs to be more seating for us girls in heels though, we went on a Friday around 9pm so it was filled with people that looked like they were coming out from work, very a table if you can, it'll be worth it if you plan on staying the whole night. The cocktails aren't amazing to be honest, I watched the bar staff make them and they only use that artificial fruit syrup, the only fresh stuff is the fruit garnish, not to my liking. but they are pretty okay and good value for London. If I went again it would definitely be only on the weekend, and early! 

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