Sunday, 26 January 2014

Far Rockaway

The other night me, Rosa and Julia decided to go out, but we wanted to try somewhere new and cool so we started researching. Eventually Julia mentioned a bar she had stumbled across recently that we should try called Far Rockaway in Shoreditch. Unusual name, I thought, so I went on the website and was instantly excited to go. The bars site describes their establishment as 'An American style bar and restaurant inspired by urban street art and culture, serving New York style food in the heart of London's creative district'. It opened just four months ago I found out via their awesome twitter account, which you should follow if you like street art, food porn and witty/funny sayings.

I love love love art. If I could I would be paid to live in a tiny run down studio in Islington to paint/draw/create whatever I want, and go to all the art galleries I can in my spare time. But, I'm lazy, and broke, and not all that good at art anyway so this may never happen. Boo. Moving on, one of the reasons I'm so in love with this bar is that there is literally. Art. Everywhere.

The bright neon lights of Far Rockaway adorn the outside window. If you choose to sit down for a meal in the restaurant part of the spacious bar, you'll find yourself staring at the many weird and wonderful paintings, sketches, sculptures and portraits that line the walls. One that really caught my attention was this kind of evil looking clown or ringmaster type thing.

Had dinner with these beauties. 

Free filtered water, they probably knew how many drinks we would order and wanted to keep us hydrated so we didn't pass out, such thoughtful staff.

I started off with a type of cocktail I wouldn't usually go for, in the spirit of trying new things, its called 'JoJo's great balls of fire' it has 4 different types of rum, cherry and clove liquors, grapefruit juice, grenadine and absinthe. It was quiet nice actually, I particularly love licking the burnt sugar out of the lime wedge!

Then our pizza finally arrived... oh the pizza pie. It was so glorious, we opted for the 'Garbage Pie' which was an 18" pizza topped with tender USA sausage, panchetta, artichoke, onion and mozzarella. It was just as pizza should be, thin, cheesy, loaded with toppings and massive.

Shouldn't have started writing this blog whilst hungry, rookie mistake.

More cocktails, not going to lie, things got a little hazy from this point on!

Someone came round to give us the dessert menu and I couldn't help trying just one more cocktail, its a dessert cocktail therefore its special okay. This was my thinking anyway, and the fact that this menu doesn't even have a description of the ingredients left me both anxious and excited. I went for the 'Tiramisu' and I'm so so glad I did.

This is one of the most delicious and potent cocktails I've ever come across. This shit is strong which was a good thing because that's exactly how I like my drinks, sweet and strong.

It came with a lady finger floating on top, which tasted amazing with the dark and intense booze soaked through it. I could have had three of those cocktails but I stuck to the one. After dinner and cocktails we had a little wonder around the rest of the bar. 

Pretty much every single surface of this bar is covered in art, of varying styles, sizes and mediums. I soaked it all in like a sponge, it was almost like drinking in a gallery.

Music played on the projector, it was a mixture of pop, old school rock, hip hop and RnB, I liked it.

I loved these two pieces the most! especially the static vision dog, it looks so futuristic and weird, I named him PoPo as this was a logical name for such a dog in my drunk mind.

We got some wine and found a place to sit down in the lounge area, which is next to the DJ, it was a little loud and we did have to shout a little to hear each other. I don't know why it was so loud actually, there was no dancefloor! well, at least nobody was dancing.

Rosa posing #MileyCyrus haha.

I drank some wine and admired the art that could be seen from every angle. 

The bathroom was really something, posters were pasted across every inch of wall space. The ceiling was layered in vinyl records!

The cubicle doors were covered in cool graffiti. 

Here are some shameless bathroom selfies as the light was surprisingly good in there. Coming from a girl who goes to a lot of bars and clubs I can tell you that good bathroom light is a rare thing!

My make up was subtle and understated of course. I used a gold baked eyeshadow from some market, gold glitter, collection 2000 black liquid eyeliner and GOSH mascara, the lashes are by eyelure.

I liked the handwashes, they smelled really good. This is a random point but whatever.

We decided to think of a cool looking hand gesture for our cult (we are the only members of our cult, no admissions will be taken at this time) and I came up with this twisty finger thing which I'm pretty sure is some kind of gang culture reference haha.

Why wouldn't you want to be in our cult? I mean look at us! cool as cucumber.

I really enjoyed this place, its been a while since I've found a place this cool, its reasonably priced, average prices for food and drinks in London, the bar is spacious, pretty and interesting from every angle. Also the waiting staff where very upbeat and polite. I whole heartedly recommend you check this place out if you happen to be in or near the Shoreditch area.

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