Thursday, 23 January 2014


Its been an age! I can't actually remember the last time I blogged, but I have totally valid reasoning which I will get to later. First of all, I got a new phone recently which actually makes calls and sends texts. I know right? fanccccy =) I've joined the world of instant updates and photo spamming. Please don't hate me. I have become 'one of those guys' who have Instagram. I love this site, its somewhat like Tumblr only more of a personal photo diary than random images you just reblog. I've been stalking all my favourite celebrity accounts for days and my favourite so far is Rihannas, its mostly hot selfies but I love how she truly does not give a fuck. 
Follow me if you like food porn, portraits and selfies. I'm sure I'll post other things too but so far that's all I've got. So here's what my week has looked like through the eyes of instagram. 

I've been doing a little comic book reading - Kingdom Hearts to be specific. 

I've been trying (but not really trying that hard) to eat healthier, or at least get more than two vegetables in me a week. I've accidentally become a vegetarian again too? I was one for two years as a teenager but gave it up for love of bacon, obvs. I think it's because meat is expensive and fish is tasty that this has happened. Also kind of addicted to sugary smoothies right now.

I've been drawing a lot lately, because I totally have time for that - I don't - but if I don't find time to relax doing what I enjoy I'm pretty sure I'd explode. I challenged myself to complete a portrait a day and have already failed. Oh well. This one is my big sister Amy who you can follow on Instagram if you so wish here.

I also sketched a portrait of my buddy Chris smoking shisha, if you like pretty London scenery and food porn then you should definitely follow his Instagram account here.

Selfie #1

Selfie #2

The diet plan failing spectacularly, but I just can't resist something that's chocolatey AND orangey. Sweet tooth heaven. 

Sipping a little tea from my lens cup which I'm slightly obsessed with. I love novelties. 

Scenery from my back garden back home, one of the only things I miss about being back home when I'm at uni is the trees, so so many trees. And the stars, you can't really see them in London for all the artificial lights on the streets.

Trying to brush up on my art knowledge, I haven't picked this book up in at least a year. I'm looking forward to finally having time to get properly back into art again once I graduate. 

This is why I haven't blogged in forever...

Essay stress has been killing me! I had two essays to hand in today totally 4000 words, which would have been fine had I started said essays at a sensible hour. Do you think I did that? haha of course not. Luckily I finished them and submitted this afternoon, and I didn't even have to stay up all night! there's a first time for everything. Right now I'm about to reward myself for writing one of the best essays I have ever written, I'm seriously proud of it, which I can't really say has happened to me  before, so I'm excited to see what grade I get for it! now I'm off to eat scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast while I catch up with 'The Originals' online. I am so in love with this show, Netflix need to get it up on their site pronto!

Peace out xoxo

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  1. i'm an instagram addict too :) i love yours and i'm following hehe
    your portraits are so beautiful, you have such a lovely style to your art. I can't wait to see more.


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