Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Years Resolutions.

So, I'm not one for New Years resolutions for obvious reasons (I never keep them) I don't even really attempt to keep them, but my friend Julia convinced me that it was a good idea, so I was thinking about it recently, self improvement and all. I decided that it would be a good idea to have just a few, if I try to quit smoking, eat less and healthier, work out more and do more work, all at the same time, I think I might just have a mental break down. 

So first, my slight coffee addiction.

I say 'slight' because I don't drink coffee every day, so I'm not really addicted, right? I keep relying on coffee to get me through classes and that needs to stop, one day I had classes from 10am - 5pm, that's 7 hours of classes, on a big fat 0 hours sleep. So of course I bought coffee at every opportunity, in total that day I'd had about five coffees? and I wondered why I couldn't sleep in the evening haha. That's another thing, I need to start going to bed earlier so I can actually get some sleep.

Junk junk junk. How I LOVE junk food, I don't actually eat Mcdonalds really but I got roped into it by my friend when we were hungover/still drinking. In general I'm going to eat less fatty and sugary foods. Hmm, don't know if I can cut the sugar though, I don't just have a sweet tooth all my teeth are sweet okay.

This is a work in progress that I started today, the annoying thing about oil paints is waiting for layers to dry but it should be done in a week or so. I want to make more time for art, I have so many materials and a lot of free time, but I never think to pick up the paint brush. Which is weird considering how much I enjoy it. I got this easel today £20 off the retail price, how good is that? got to love January sales.

I seriously need to drink less, it's like once I get to my third drink all thoughts of moderation go out of the window. For example, my last house party, I finished a whole bottle of whiskey to myself, and if I recall correctly was also swigging from a bottle of amaretto. Are AA meetings free?

This picture makes me laugh and cry at the same time because they actually do this. The fuckers.

This is a big one, I always leave my assignments to the last minute and I do mean always. I'm not alone in this obviously, all my student friends do this too, but as its my final year and I have a dissertation to produce on top of all my other essays this year, I really can't afford to leave things to the last minute unless I just want to scrape a pass. I don't. So I'm forcing myself to start the scary essay I've been putting off today, its always the starting I find the hardest, and the planning. I suck at planning essays! come to think of it I suck at organising anything in my life but that's going to change. Hopefully.

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  1. great post! I think these are really good goals. i hope that you get better sleep this year, insomnia sucks so much. hehe it's good to have a sweet tooth, you only live once :D


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