Friday, 3 January 2014

Party Party.

So I had a few parties recently, we had a Christmas party at our flat, a New Years party at my friends house (but I forgot my camera! silly blogger) and a  'Chris/Amanda Party' which I've defined as when two awesome people get together for a drink, chatting and fun times.

We sat on the window sill surfing the net and drinking many, many jager bombs.

Oooh look, a London bus!

More jager bombs, am I even spelling that right? whatever. 

Then we had some shisha, I can't recall the flavour but I think it was strawberry?

Phone comes out, again, what a great and attentive friend I have.

No hands!

Ooh someone's gotten a little camera shy, how else am I supposed to test out my drunken photography skills if I don't have a model?

Random selfie in computer screen on a very sunny day. I have a feeling this is sometime before our Christmas party. I still can't believe how fun our party was! if I do say so myself, we had around 40 guests which even for our spacious flat was filled to capacity! thankfully (but not in a mean way) some people left which made it a little better.

The provisions for the night, we had to be prepared! who knew when it would end (around 5am)

Michael, Chris and Lucy. Chris likes to take selfies, a lot.

Try as I might, I just cannot remember what Michael was trying to explain in this picture.

It wouldn't be a Christmas party without Christmas crackers full of flimsy paper hats and cheap plastic toys. We tried to put our cute mint green comb in Chris' hair...

And then in Michaels beard, then we had a little smoke, look what Michael got me! we had cigars and tried in vain to look cool by forming smoke rings.

Sexy Lucy looking sexy.

Our friends got us a Christmas card, some chocolates and other gifts, which was really nice seeing as we didn't really expect anything! love those girls.

Fernanda looking hot as per, and me looking... evil? haha, I forgot that putting dark eyeliner all around my eyes makes me look kind of like a psychotic killer, I must remember this for future reference. I  had such a good time, its nice when all your friends (at least almost all of them) are in one place having a good time, we drank and talked into the early hours of the morning, at which time my bed magically became full and I had to sleep on the sofa. Waaah, no I didn't really mind though, to be honest our sofa is actually really comfortable. Although what I didn't appreciate was having to pack a suitcase on just three hours sleep whilst hungover! and then get an hour and a half train back to my family's place for the holidays. I picked the wroooong time to travel but oh well. I wish so badly that I took my camera to New Years! it was so much fun and the fireworks were pretty awesome, I'm such a bad blogger! but that can go on the mile long list of resolutions I plan to make, more on that in the next blog though =)

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  1. can't wait for your next blog post ^^
    you look like you guys had lots of fun :D


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