Friday, 23 May 2014

I'm a free elf!

I'm a free elf! the tutors at uni saw fit to give me an item of clothing, freeing me from their academic slavery. 

In a last ditch effort to get my dissertation to a decent standard, I spent a whole week writing, I lost three nights sleep and I'm pretty sure I developed carpal tunnel syndrome from the constant typing, but finally its done! I submitted today, I was so exhausted and pissed off from travelling that I forgot to take a 'Dissertation selfie' but oh well. I also moved out of my flat in North London, I'm back with the family and it's a little crowded (there is six of us, me, my three sisters, mum, dad and three cats) but its good to be back, and to have nothing to worry about now except getting a job. But that will be easy, right?

Kidding, so fucking kidding.

Anyway, you'd think that I'd have nothing to blog about except writing and crying from all the writing, but me being the irresponsible student I am, went out a bit. Here's what I've been up to.

I'm a little obsessed with these two nail polishes at the moment, the combo kind of reminds me of an Easter egg. Also, I had no Easter egg this year (cry for me).

Blueberry muffins.

This fragrance by Nina Ricci, also Killer Queen by Katy Perry and Aqua di gioia by Georgio Armani. 

Oh LORD, this was awful, not to put anyone off going to uni, writing this dissertation was one of the most stressful things I've ever done. I can't count how many hours of work went into it.

Staying up until the crack of dawn - and way beyond it - to hit deadlines. I tried all the natural ways of keeping awake, fruit, exercise, fresh air etc. They didn't work, you know what did work?


And this.

These... not so much.

Definitely this!

I'm a little obsessed with prints like this. And collared everything.

hot dougnut with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. YUM.

Pretty double rainbow outside the flat.

Went out with Julia to 'The Hoxton Pony' for a few drinks and some dancing. Soon creepers were flocking to Julia, we saw the hazy lights of Far Rockaway just across the road and couldn't resist a late dinner, they serve pizza until midnight!

I think I made some kind of bold claim like 'Far Rockway is the best pizza I've ever had', probably, sounds like me. But I think I might have found one better, or at least on the same level of awesomeness. It's called Firezza.

It's an authentic Italian pizza, the dough is made fresh every day, the motzerella is flown in from Italy! seriously, it is, and its soooo good. I ordered the 'Mista' which is chorizo, pepperoni, proscitto cotto ham, tomato and mozzarella. I also added pulled pork and Italian imported Buffalo mozzarella, you know, because I'm a pig.

Packing was long and awful, the moving part was worse, especially as it was 25 degrees and Arsenal were playing, ie: there were ladish guys in the street drinking and shouting and climbing bus shelters.

I've missed my cats! not more than my family, but almost.

Things are blooming! the garden is a jungle right now but at least there are flowers. It's like a pretty jungle.

Below is what happens after writing for 14 hours (until 6am) having already missed two nights of sleep already.

I look far too happy in the last one, it doesn't reflect the whole 'I want to throw my laptop out of the window and die' attitude I had at the time. Also, I don't know what it is about my phone that makes it stop taking clear pictures whenever it's dark, is this an iphone 4 thing? or maybe just my shaky hands.

I'm so glad to be done with uni, its been fun, its been hell, mass amounts of drinking and smoking, writing until my fingers ache, late nights and early mornings, all nighters, pizza - because fuck cooking when there's an essay due - clubbing, missed lectures, reading and researching. Right, I'm going to go sleep forever , happy Friday! xoxo

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fairground London

On Saturday we decided to check out this pop up street food/bar/festival type thing called Fairground. At first I didn't really know what to expect, but wherever there is great food and cocktails is where I'll be. As always, the night started out pretty wholesomely.

Okay so that was a lie, we started the night by eating vodka jelly out of Tupperware on the bus, but hey ho, the poor people must pre-drink. We went straight to the bar and looked over the menu. They had different foods and cocktails for each of the three floors. 

I pretty much had these bottled cocktails the whole night, called 'Rhubarb Rhubarb' very original name, no? it had a little too much citrus but still enjoyable.

I metaphorically drooled over the menu as I tried to decide if I should buy it all what to order. Below is my face of anticipation.

I got the Pulled pork bun with slaw, and my GOD it was good. It was sweet, perfectly spiced, tender and delicious. They don't skimp on the meat either, which was piled high and spilling from the sides. It was a little tricky to eat (there is no elegant way to eat pulled pork, just accept it and look like a ravenous animal) 

Jess also got 'Masala fries' which we all tried, super spicy but tasty enough for me to put up with the heat.

I wish I had more room in my stomach because the other menus sounded fantastic, filled with dishes such as Thai spiced fried chicken, Jungle tempera fish burger with wasabi and lime mayo, blackened calamari, dumplings stuffed with your choice of either jerk chicken, curry goat or ackee and callaloo. 

After eating our fill we took many blurry selfies which ranged from nice to drunk.

Yeah, I don't know what I was doing with my face either.

The decor was as hipster as to be expected, there were typewriters and lamps everywhere, books, and large bench-swings hanging from the ceiling.

Apparently there was a lot going on elsewhere like 'how to be a professional tweeter' and 'how to get ahead with fashion' workshops as well as live music, but I was so exhausted from staying up the night before that I didn't have the energy to travel around all three floors for long, but if you want to (and you should, I would go back for the food alone!) then you should check out Fairgrounds website here because the festival is running for the next 10 weekends, up until 14th and 15th of June. It's open until 3am on Saturdays so it would be a great place to chill out with some friends, drinks and amazing street food. Also, free entry before 7pm, we like free.

Apologies for the poor quality of photo's, this was a mixture of alcohol and having to use my phone because my SLR camera broke! if anyone has good recommendations for my next camera purchase let me know in the comments, thanks xoxo

Saturday, 3 May 2014


I love Mexican, its definitely my favorite kind of food, there's just something about all the spices that my tongue really likes. Not the jalapeno kind of spice though, when it comes to that I'm a total wimp. A little heat is fine, but I stopped trusting food servers with jalapenos the day I asked for some in my subway sandwich and walked out of there with my mouth on fire.

The food and drink here are reasonably priced, we like reasonably priced things.

The cocktail menu is two pages long, I like and hate this at the same time. I like it because there will always be several drinks you like, but I hate it also because I'm always overwhelmed by choice.

They have a whole section of the menu called 'Creamies' filled with tonnes of cream based cocktails, which are probably my favorite kind! We decided to buy a pitcher of 'P.S. I love you' which is Baileys, Amaretto, Kahula -(a coffee flavored, rum based liqueur from Mexico), rum, and cream. It was good, very good.

While we waited for our food to arrive I admired the cool but somewhat strange decor. 

Pretty sure that light fixture is made of real antler horns!

All the waiters wore cowboy hats.

Service was pretty speedy which was good because I was really hungry! I went for the chicken enchilada's.

I really shouldn't have started writing this blog whilst so hungry, rookie mistake. Its not pretty but it did taste pretty great. I kind of felt bad about not touching the salad. That's a lie, I came for carbs not salad!

After eating my fill I found a whole range of weird and wonderful things to look at.

They have a Camper Van cocktail bar! This is possibly one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a restaurant. The walls were filled with quirky paintings and Mexican themed things.

Massive points to Desperado's for effort, they took their theme and they went all the way with it! I wish I had tried more food on the menu but I was just too bloated from all the cocktails. If Mexican isn't your cup of tea this would be a great place to go for drinks, their cocktail menu is huge, they also have a wide range of shots and 6 non-alcoholic cocktails. As well as Angel, Islington - there are also Desperado's restaurants in Petts Wood and Greenwich. 

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