Saturday, 3 May 2014


I love Mexican, its definitely my favorite kind of food, there's just something about all the spices that my tongue really likes. Not the jalapeno kind of spice though, when it comes to that I'm a total wimp. A little heat is fine, but I stopped trusting food servers with jalapenos the day I asked for some in my subway sandwich and walked out of there with my mouth on fire.

The food and drink here are reasonably priced, we like reasonably priced things.

The cocktail menu is two pages long, I like and hate this at the same time. I like it because there will always be several drinks you like, but I hate it also because I'm always overwhelmed by choice.

They have a whole section of the menu called 'Creamies' filled with tonnes of cream based cocktails, which are probably my favorite kind! We decided to buy a pitcher of 'P.S. I love you' which is Baileys, Amaretto, Kahula -(a coffee flavored, rum based liqueur from Mexico), rum, and cream. It was good, very good.

While we waited for our food to arrive I admired the cool but somewhat strange decor. 

Pretty sure that light fixture is made of real antler horns!

All the waiters wore cowboy hats.

Service was pretty speedy which was good because I was really hungry! I went for the chicken enchilada's.

I really shouldn't have started writing this blog whilst so hungry, rookie mistake. Its not pretty but it did taste pretty great. I kind of felt bad about not touching the salad. That's a lie, I came for carbs not salad!

After eating my fill I found a whole range of weird and wonderful things to look at.

They have a Camper Van cocktail bar! This is possibly one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a restaurant. The walls were filled with quirky paintings and Mexican themed things.

Massive points to Desperado's for effort, they took their theme and they went all the way with it! I wish I had tried more food on the menu but I was just too bloated from all the cocktails. If Mexican isn't your cup of tea this would be a great place to go for drinks, their cocktail menu is huge, they also have a wide range of shots and 6 non-alcoholic cocktails. As well as Angel, Islington - there are also Desperado's restaurants in Petts Wood and Greenwich. 


  1. This looks like such a lovely place! :)

  2. looks like a cool place hun ^^ glad you had a good time


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