Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fairground London

On Saturday we decided to check out this pop up street food/bar/festival type thing called Fairground. At first I didn't really know what to expect, but wherever there is great food and cocktails is where I'll be. As always, the night started out pretty wholesomely.

Okay so that was a lie, we started the night by eating vodka jelly out of Tupperware on the bus, but hey ho, the poor people must pre-drink. We went straight to the bar and looked over the menu. They had different foods and cocktails for each of the three floors. 

I pretty much had these bottled cocktails the whole night, called 'Rhubarb Rhubarb' very original name, no? it had a little too much citrus but still enjoyable.

I metaphorically drooled over the menu as I tried to decide if I should buy it all what to order. Below is my face of anticipation.

I got the Pulled pork bun with slaw, and my GOD it was good. It was sweet, perfectly spiced, tender and delicious. They don't skimp on the meat either, which was piled high and spilling from the sides. It was a little tricky to eat (there is no elegant way to eat pulled pork, just accept it and look like a ravenous animal) 

Jess also got 'Masala fries' which we all tried, super spicy but tasty enough for me to put up with the heat.

I wish I had more room in my stomach because the other menus sounded fantastic, filled with dishes such as Thai spiced fried chicken, Jungle tempera fish burger with wasabi and lime mayo, blackened calamari, dumplings stuffed with your choice of either jerk chicken, curry goat or ackee and callaloo. 

After eating our fill we took many blurry selfies which ranged from nice to drunk.

Yeah, I don't know what I was doing with my face either.

The decor was as hipster as to be expected, there were typewriters and lamps everywhere, books, and large bench-swings hanging from the ceiling.

Apparently there was a lot going on elsewhere like 'how to be a professional tweeter' and 'how to get ahead with fashion' workshops as well as live music, but I was so exhausted from staying up the night before that I didn't have the energy to travel around all three floors for long, but if you want to (and you should, I would go back for the food alone!) then you should check out Fairgrounds website here because the festival is running for the next 10 weekends, up until 14th and 15th of June. It's open until 3am on Saturdays so it would be a great place to chill out with some friends, drinks and amazing street food. Also, free entry before 7pm, we like free.

Apologies for the poor quality of photo's, this was a mixture of alcohol and having to use my phone because my SLR camera broke! if anyone has good recommendations for my next camera purchase let me know in the comments, thanks xoxo


  1. Oh wow! This looks pretty awesome! That pulled pork sandwich looks so good!

  2. looks like you had an amazing time hun ^^ i love hearing about your London nights out :D


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