Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Photo Diary: Too Much Free Time.

Finishing university. It kind of feels like you've finished one of those television series you love and now you don't know what to do with yourself.

Lately I've been compiling lists, I like lists because they make me feel more organised about my life when really I'm not. Lists for films to watch, books to read, illustrations to draw and more books to read. I've really missed reading - if you have any cool book recommendations please leave them in the comments! - its been such a long time since I got to read anything that wasn't uni related, three years in fact. Right now I'm really liking 'Ingenious Pain' which I started for class but actually ended up enjoying.

Its about a boy who can feel no pain, the beginning is terrible but if you can get past that its interesting, a little gruesome and well written. I was going to read 'Divergent' after seeing the film and loving it, but then I started to read the reviews on GoodReads and wow, people were not kind. 

I've been drawing a lot, hands are hard to get right, one day they will look right.

This one keeps trying to sleep in my bed, and begs me for cuddles, when you stop cuddling him he gets annoyed and claws you. People don't own cats, cats own people!

I got this for my mum but I think I've already eaten half the jar, its full of whole blueberries and is the best jam I've ever had, pricey though. 

I miss the sun! its been raining a lot lately in London, and there's due to be another storm this weekend.

Before the rain, me and my little sister went to go see Xmen Days of Future Past, and it was SO good. I'm obsessed with all things Marvel, and this is definitely the best Xmen film yet. Future Marvel films I'm excited for include The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of The Galaxy. 

Me and my sister went shopping and found this cafe called 'Harris and Hoole' which is by far the nicest thing to open in Hounslow since Starbucks.

It's light, open, full of fresh flowers and even fresher food, I regret not trying the coffee there.

It was my mums birthday last week and coincidentally (more like lazily) the whole family bought her boxed chocolates. That meant that there were 5 boxes of decadent and specialty chocolates in the house. Chocolate comas for days.

Fuck the rain.

Fuck the haters.

That last one was kind of a joke, I just love anything Harry Potter related. I've read all 7 Harry Potter books at least 8 times (not kidding), and I might just re-read them again now that I have the time. Right now I'm job hunting like crazy, its only been a few weeks but I'm bored already, I need constructive things to do, there's only so many episodes of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' you can watch before you stop and think, where is my life going. 

Happy Hump Day! XxXx

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  1. i love your photo diaries :) you're so right about cats owning people too haha
    love the drawing


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