Friday, 15 August 2014

Weekly Inspirations

Its kind of hard to keep motivated when you're unemployed and being told you're 'overqualified' for most jobs you apply for. What does that even mean?! I've been trying not to get too down about it and focus on good things like sweet potato fries and cats and the great British bake off and more cats. You know, the important stuff.

Although I do have a trial shift at Harris and Hoole which I hope goes well because there is no bigger coffee addict than me, I hope they hire me! Here's what's inspiring me lately.

This what can happen to your body when struck by lightening. Free tattoo? 



I'm know I'm super late to this show (it started in 2006 and finished with its eighth season last year) but I like to leave shows until they're... 'complete' so I can watch episodes back to back online, kind of like a reeeeally long film.

Anyway, this is so brilliant I don't know where to start. Dexter is funny, creepy, smart, socially aware but also a loner. I'm halfway through season 1 and Dexter's character is very compelling. He describes himself as a sociopath who feels the urge to kill, but only kills people he believes deserves to die. He claims he 'doesn't have a heart', and usually I hate main characters who don't have any redeeming qualities, ie: don't have normal human emotions, but Dexter wants to feel something, which makes his indifference interesting. It can be a little gory but not too gruesome, not much outright violence is shown.

Death Note

Another psychopath. This one's also a little old but still good, a boy finds a note book that gives him the ability to kill anyone he wants, simply by imagining their face and writing down their name. Good plot but a little dragged out in my opinion. If you like psychotic adolescents and magical elements like gods of death and other worlds then this is for you.

Another old one, where am I when all these great shows air? I love this series! its really funny and intelligent. There's only 3 episodes per season but each episode is fairly long (I think an hour and a half) they're making a new series next year and I'm so excited for it. This modern version of Sherlock is so witty and strange, I like that the series is as much about Sherlock's relationship with Dr.Watson as they are about their crime investigations. I'm giving this a re-watch. Also, watch the each episode past the credits because there's always an extra scene.


I'm really loving the Juno soundtrack right now, specifically these songs - 'Loose Lips', 'Piazza New York Catcher', 'All I want is you', 'Tree Hugger' but most of all this song:

I'm also really into old music right now, particularly these three songs.

I love Anne Shelton, her voice is so pretty. This one I heard from opening scene of 'Kill your darlings'

I don't know where I heard this one but I had the lyrics in my head and eventually found it, very soothing melody.

I heard this at the end of The Simpsons, the episode where they draw pictures of whales at the end, and this song is playing, cute episode, even cuter song.

Thanks for reading, and TGIF! xoxo

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  1. that fox picture :') so cute
    OMG DEXTER!!!! that's one of my favourite shows everrrrrrrr (apart from the last season..:() but oh my god, that show is amazing, the writing is awesome and Dexter ahhhhhh such a cool and interesting character!

    and words needed :D


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