Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Outfit of the day

I found my Slipknot t-shirt the other day, which I first got when I was 15 and much more obsessed with them in that pre-teen psychotic fandom kind of way. I still love them now but as I'm prone to headaches in my old age (23) I can't listen to them as much as I'd like. Feel free to weep for me. Still, if someone was offering a free ticket to go see them I'd go and deal with the head pain later!

I attempted a green smokey eye, I say attempted because I was very tired when I did it, and even though it took me a long time it still turned out badly! I realize now it was because I put too much cream eye shadow on underneath which made the shadow on top crease on the lid. Looks okay from afar though right?

Use a thin layer of cream eye shadow, and blend out with a finger before putting a pressed eye shadow on top, then it won't crease and it'll last all night. Be smarter than me.

Make-up used:

GOSH cream shadow stick - white
Urban Decay green shimmer powder
Eyeko blue eyeliner pen
Elf mineral shimmer - cream
L'oriel volume million lashes mascara
Maybelline Fit me! foundation 
Fashion Fair oil control pressed powder

I'm wearing a pink tweed suit from New Look, the shirt I got from HMV, red nail polish is L'oriel in Bordeaux Escape which is much darker in real life.

Trying to make the eye shadow look better in different lighting, didn't work! I curled my hair with a Remington ceramic curling wand. I've been really hating my foundation, I've got half the bottle left but I've bought another one anyway, usually I like Maybelline but this 'Fit me' foundation is awful! don't buy it. I've ordered Studio fix by MAC, great for oily skin apparently, I've ordered a lot of new products so I'll pop up a mass review when they come though the post.

If you have a Look Book nu account let me know so I can follow! here's mine 

Happy Hump Day! xoxo

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  1. love that t-shirt!! i've just pre-ordered the new album, can't wait!
    really like your green smokey eye too, suits you lots


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