Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Outfit of the day.

I wasn't up to much today, I had a job fair to attend and some shopping to do, so I kind of just threw this on and was surprised when it didn't look entirely bad, hence, this outfit post.

Bobble hat: Topshop
Black cardigan: George, Asda
Yellow top (super old) New Look
Green Polka dot midi skirt: Primark
Black Trainers: Converse 

I painted my nails shortly before going out in a rush so they are a little messy. Nail Polishes used are 'Pillar Box' by Topshop (an old color, but this one is similar) with 'Cabernet' by Kelly Brooke on top. Rings are all New Look

I'm getting even more into make-up, if that's possible, so I used the BH cosmetics Wild Child palette, it looks like a shimmery aubregine color in the palette but on the lid its more of a dark shimmery lilac, does that even make sense? eh.

I also used an off white shimmer in the crease. Eyeliner is Eyeko, mascara Volume million lashes by Loreal. Brows are BH Cosmetics Brow Trio.

Yes, that is an adventure time poster in the background, me and my little sisters love the show!

As much as I love my family, I miss my independence. I didn't realize how much I was running my own life at university until I moved back home. Throwing myself into the job search is giving me purpose, but I do long for the automatic structure that came with being education.

I'm very into Autumn (god do I feel like a typical Tumblr girl when I say that!), I love that people try and make it a less sucky season by flooding it with fur coats, pictures of crunch leaves, hot chocolate, fluffy socks, comforting food and Pumpkin spiced everything. But can we all just admit that being cold is awful? bring back the sun!

Happy Tuesday xoxo

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  1. you look great hun. I love the rings and the beanie and your makeup looks lovely :) good luck with the job hunt


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