Saturday, 11 October 2014

What's in my bag.

I love when people post what's in their bag, because I'm just a super nosy person I guess. Also it gives me ideas on what I should be carrying around with me. I recently cleared out my bag and was amazed at the amount of receipts, dust, pens (14), lipsticks and compacts I had in there, stuff that I'd forgotten existed let alone used. So I decided to move things to a smaller bag, to encourage me not to overload it with junk! If you're as nosy as me, here's what's in my bag.

Messenger bag: New Look

Gold Key ring: LK Bennett. 
One eyed monster: Market in Kingston
Paracetamol, pro plus, pens and a nail file.

Boots card, national insurance, organ doner card, Provisional licence and debit card.
Wrigleys Extra gum: Strawberry

Perfume: Nina L'Eau by Nina Ricci
Lighter, Filter tips, pocket tissues and hairbands

Hand foam sanitizer: Cuticura 
10 hour stay lipgloss: Maybelline
Nourishing hand cream: Nivea
Cold and flu inhaler: Olbus
Student card.

I still think its too much stuff but you should have seen it before the clear out. I also got rid of about 8 key chain charms that added too much bulk to the bag, and I the only one who struggles to get keys onto their chain? I always end up breaking nails!

The bag is super old and worn out and I'm on the look out for a similar size bag in the same style, so if you have any suggestions that would be great.

Happy Saturday, hope you had a lie in xoxo

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