Monday, 29 September 2014

Photo Diary: Birthday Edition

I was trying to figure out what to do for my birthday, every year I'm so lazy that I plan it probably a week beforehand but not this year, we went for dinner, then post drinks and it was great to see all my friends in one place. That's such an old person thing to say, 23 going on 43?

If strawberries, bubblegum and alcohol had a baby, this would be it.

We went to a heavy metal bar in Kingston called The Fighting Cocks - that blur in the picture below if Olivia quickly ducking to get out of the shot haha.

Olivia is wearing 'Heroine' lipstick by Lorde for MAC. So jealous!

Peach flavored yogurt, pineapple and strawberries. 

Sassy cat giving his best Blue Steel impression. 

The Diana fountain at Bushy Park, swan watching, rain avoiding and picnic food.

Sisterly lunch by the river at Canary Wharf. 

The best picture I could get of the Super Moon, it was a very cloudy night.

Dad bought roses for no reason, sweet. At least it would be if I didn't have a severe allergy to pollen!

Super Kawaii Attack on Titan key chain.

Cake Pop maker, cooler than I thought it would be.

Testing out new make-up for my first beauty post - lipstick is rouge edition velvet by bourjois in 'Grand Cru'

This cat seems to think that my bed belongs to him, he's too cute to kick out though.

My little sisters know me too well, on my actual birthday they got me this Harry Potter book set (because I am still completely obsessed with the series) and the comic series I've been wanting for years but couldn't justify buying for myself.

I used to be mildly obsessed with My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way, I even studied Gerard's illustrations in my A level Art course, so when he came out with a comic book series full of creepy and dark characters I took an instant interest. Now I finally own them! aaaaand...

See that black squiggle above on the left? that is Gerard Ways signature. I saw it and kind of had to stop myself from the whole heavy breathing/wide eyed fan girl thing.

The day after my birthday we went to Richmond for dinner, although me being overzealous, I got us there 30 minutes early. So we sat on the grass by the river and watched the boats row by.

There was a petting zoo outside the restaurant! Obviously it was targeted at children but who cares, cute animals!

Finally inside the restaurant we sat down to look at the menu. I love how Summery the inside of it was! low hanging spotlights dotted among ivy is my kind of decor. Plus they had two doors on the back wall that open onto the street, and rooftop terrace? I'm sold. 

If you're in the Richmond area then Revolution bar is well worth a visit. 

We start how we always do, booze and selfies. Specifically Pino Grigio blush and Prosecco Rose.

The menu is massive, its rare for me to love almost everything on the menu but this was one of those glorious occasions. It took me a while to decide but I finally went for the 'Bourbon bad boy' - you could soak anything in Bourbon and I'd probably eat it.

In retrospect this was probably a mistake, the burger was BIG and when I say big I mean I could only finish half. It was delicious though. It came with chipolata sauce for the chips which was amazing, comparable to the Jack Daniels sauce at TGI Fridays.

Below is the Pizza my friend got which I was jealous of, the 'Bourbon bad boy pizza' same flavors in pizza version.

Some people finish their meal with desert and coffee, but of course we finish with flavored vodka shots! we couldn't find the menu so after they arrived we couldn't remember what was what, meaning lucky dip - vodka style. I got bubblegum which was nice, but oh my, that fiery aftertaste.

I took a selfie at the end of the night to see how my make-up was holding up, pretty good except for the lipstick, had to re-apply a few times throughout the night - but to be fair, there was a lot of eating and drinking - so not a prefect product but I'm willing to let that go because of the stunning colors and satin/velvet finish.
I had an amazing Birthday, thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate.

And thank you for reading! hope it made your Monday just that little bit more bearable.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Weekly Inspirations

Its my birth-week so look out for a massive photo blog in the the next coming days. Always around my birthday I feel the most inspired, I think its because its the one time of year I actually think about death? or mortality, we'll all die one day, appreciate life blah blah blah. So I've been surfing the net, reading and watching all things cool. Come share the coolness with me.

Around the web:

Online magazine - by Pixi Woo

I've always loved watching Pixi Woo on YouTube and they are largely responsible for any skill I have in make-up. Sisters Nic and Sam Chapman used to work for MAC, but now they impart their make-up advice and tutorials online and I'm so thankful, I've learnt so much from them!

Recently I found out they publish their own monthly online magazine which is brilliant for product junkies and make-up obsessives like me, cool make-up ideas, the good and bad things about all the new products out there and interviews with established artists. Its especially good for budding make-up artists, you can subscribe to the magazine for free here.

Emma Watson's UN speech about gender equality:

I had a lump in my throat as she read this, this speech perfectly tells just a small fraction of sexism and just why it needs to stop. You can tell she's nervous, but the message comes across strongly, an absolute must see.


"Pretty Hurts" - Beyonce

I'm not convinced of her 'Feminist' status due to contradictory lyrics and themes in her music, having said that, this song is beautifully written (although not by her)

And the video made me tear up a little the first time I watched, girls will know why.


Tropic of Cancer

This is a strange one, but one I can't stop reading. The main character is a homeless man living with a friend in Paris. Not much really happens, its more a book on these characters and the way they think and feel about things, particularly women and how one should live. A LOT of swearing and vulgarity. When first published it was banned in 1934 but honestly by modern standards, it really isn't that bad. Its also been held responsible for why we have such free speech in books, and is often and widely regarded as one of the most important masterpieces of 20th century literature.


Factory Girl

This was so interesting, I've heard of Andy Worhol (who hasn't) but I wasn't aware of Edie Sedwick, or The Factory and what happened there so this was educational as well as entertaining.

Its about a troubled rich girl who finds fame but after a while, cannot handle the pressure and party lifestyle. After looking up Edie's life its obvious they left a lot about her out of the film - but if they had included it the film would probably be 3 hours long. Check out her Wikipedia page to see what I mean.

My Neighbor Totoro

I hadn't seen this in years but I decided to give it a re-watch recently when I was feeling a bit down, its so cute and whimsical, the film is full of fantastical characters, beautiful illustrations and all around adorable-ness.

Thanks for reading, Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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