Thursday, 1 January 2015

December Favorites

For me, and a lot of people, Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in '107' is the ultimate berry toned red. It suits pretty much everyone, for pale skins its a deep, vampy wine, and for me its the most flattering red. Its matte, so it lasts fairly well, it can be a little drying so not one to wear if you're drinking a lot of alcohol because your lips will look like shriveled and chapped mess by the end of the night. I'd reserve this one for the day time.

This is by far a perfect product, it dries too fast, its too thick, and if you rub it in too much it creates little dry bits of product everywhere. But, once you deal with all that, this provides a smooth base for foundation and keeps skin shine free for 4 - 5 hours, and I'm willing to put up with an annoying/difficult application if it means a few more hours before I start to look like an oil slick.

This link is for Feel Unique, they are also sold at Debenhams where they have more shades

I remember when I first bought this face powder, I went into Selby's and the make-up artist at the Fashion Fair counter put it on me. My skin looked flawless. So much so that I bought it instantly even though I couldn't afford to at the time. Since then I've gone though about 4 of these compacts. It gives medium coverage but doesn't look cakey. You don't need much to achieve matte, airbrushed looking skin.

The Color Drama lip pencils by Maybelline are amazing! they are pretty much the same as the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencils but much, much cheaper. The shade I am obsessed with is 'berry much' which is so Winter perfect. Its not drying at all, even hours after application, it lasts a long time and even when it fades into more of a stain it looks nice. I've also had my eye on 'Red Essential' (a deep red) and 'Keep it Classy' (a dark, nude/mauve). I cannot believe how amazing these are, they are less than £10 but I would absolutely pay double that for these.

I've only been using this for about a month now, twice a week, and have already seen a massive difference in my skin. I definitely went though a 'purging' period, shall we say, upon first use I suddenly had a million spots, but I honestly think it was because this product was drawing out all the impurities from my pores. Don't let the word 'thermal' put you off, you apply this thick mask to very damp skin, your face gently heats up for about ten seconds and then it cools. Its super quick - 5 minutes?! - and so far, effective. After skin feels very clean, but not dry. In love.

It pains me to tell you about how insanely good this is because it's *whispers* £65...  I know, ridiculous. I got a sample of this from Space NK and didn't think much of it from the packaging. But then I used it and my god, its like having a facial. Its the closest thing to a micodermabration you can have without going to the professionals. After one use, you feel like you have new skin. Softer, smoother, deeply hydrated skin. Its a very scrubby texture (it contains millions of tiny ruby crystals - no, I'm not joking) If you want to treat yourself, you won't regret buying this!

I was unaware of Ren as a skincare brand until a few months ago, but since trying their frankincense night cream I've actually looked forward to moisturizing. When I ran out of this stuff I really missed it, nothing else has compared since. It smells lovely, applies quite thickly, but this means a little goes a long way. After use skin feels silk level of soft but not greasy at all, I'm excited to try other things from the range because this is the first time I've ever gotten excited about a moisturizer (oily skinned people will understand)

Caster Oil smells gross, its incredibly thick, and greasy obviously because it is oil. However its the best hair conditioner I've found for my hair so far. Everyone with Afro Caribbean hair should use this, I apply a small amount to hair, concentrating mostly on the ends, in the evening. My hair soaks it up overnight and I wake up with smoother, stronger, softer hair. Its a little expensive, but completely worth it.

If you're a fan of overly sweet, citrus types scents then you are going to love this. Even if this did nothing for my skin I would still use it, that's how good it smells. This would be very nourishing on normal to dry skins because it contains almond oil, but I have eczema, so its not quite enough for my severely dry skin, but still a joy to use, and just the right level of exfoliation.

No Link for this because duh, Christmas is over.

So this is a weird one, considering I've never owned a Christmas jumper, but I just love seeing them on other people! especially if they are really ugly, cliche or light up/jingle. I just can't bring myself to part with cash for something that I'm only going to wear once a year, but seeing the commitment to novelty people have around the holidays gives me secret happiness.

Its hard to resist this orange flavored chocolate goodness. It always reminds me of Christmas because I don't tend to have it any other time of year. There's a serious design flaw though, for those that don't know, this ball of chocolate is made up of individual segments, but they are stuck together. To separate them you have to hit the top of the ball on something very hard, I usually use a wall, or the bottom end of a perfume bottle. Very annoying if say, you were on a bus and wanted to eat your chocolate but didn't want everyone to turn around and stare at the weirdo at the back of the bus banging chocolate against the chair.

<3 xoxo

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  1. great post! that red lippy looks gorgeous ansd so does the body scrub!
    hope you had a good Christmas hun and a happy new year


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