Sunday, 18 January 2015

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This was a fantastic interview with Azealia Banks recently. They talk about her home life growing up, the passion behind her music and the cultural appropriation happening in hip hop, they go pretty deep with the questions and I found it so interesting to see the thought processes and artistic ideas in her music. And she's writing a book, so so excited for that.


I didn't know who Hozier was 3 days ago, but at least 10 times a day since hearing this song I have played it. Not kidding. The political message behind the lyrics is potent, the melody is soothing, his voice... his voice! just play it, and thank me later.


This was much better than I thought it would be, although I've never seen a film with Angeline Jolie in that I hated so I knew it would be decent. Its good to see a Disney film/any film with a strong female lead. Maleficent's character is complex, resilient, dangerous and by the end, inspiring. It has innocence, tragedy, revenge, love, hate, and the whole thing is beautifully shot.

This was brilliant, although not as good as the previous two. I still haven't read the book of this one, but I definitely want to finish it by the time Mockingjay part 2 is out. This film centers much more on the war and the decline of the Capitol. People are choosing sides, and things are getting blown up. Well worth the watch.


I get sucked into celebrity big brother every. Single. Year. I don't know how they do it, but I can't stop watching. There's something endlessly interesting about watching how people react in a forced social situation like this. Particularly when those people are fame hungry, egotistical, wealthy celebrities. I'm so thrilled that Katie Price has just gone into the house, I love her. She is brutally honest, yet respectful, and she doesn't take shit from anybody.

I've loved modern family for a long time, and its just seems to be getting better. Cam and Gloria are my favorite characters, so much sass! There are some great life lessons to be learnt in every episode, and its laugh out loud funny. Please please TV gods, never stop making this.

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  1. I love Maleficent too :D Angelina looks stunning as always :)


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