Friday, 20 March 2015

Top 7 at the drugstore

The drugstore (as Americans call it) is filled to the brim with holy grail status items, you don't have to spend a lot to get quality make-up and skin care products. When I buy something to put on my face, its because I've put a shed load of research into it. I trawl the internet for reviews, read the ingredients, and when I can, test out things in store. So here I've compiled a list of the best, most affordable products available on the high street.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - from £15.50 Boots

One I've been testing out for a few months now, and I'm surprised it hasn't made into a favorites post yet. This goes on as a thick cream, it feels refreshing, as you rub this into dry skin it turns into a thick balm, which you then wipe away with a hot flannel. After each use my skin feels soft, nourished and hydrated. Its suitable for all skin types but particularity most beneficial to combination and oily skins because it packs a massive moisture punch but doesn't leave any residue, helping to keep the balance. A little expensive for the drugstore but a worthy investment.

Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition liquid lipsticks - 8.99 Superdrug and Boots

When I want a matte red lip color  with staying power and a silk like finish, I more often than not go for one of these lipsticks. They are comfortable on the lips unlike most other matte lipsticks, and once it sets give the softest looking matte finish, One coat is enough for opaque, long lasting, highly pigmented color that really does have 24 hour hold, as it claims. There is a strange, chemical smell to it but this wears away after a few minutes. These more than rival its pricier equivalent (the Hourglass rouge liquid lipsticks - £23) I wouldn't say its completely anti-transfer, but I'm willing to forgive that. Bravo Bourjois.

Maxfactor Cream Puff Blush - £8.99 Superdrug and Boots

These blushes are one part rosy/bronze color, two parts highlighter. They are very pigmented so don't go crazy, one swipe of the powder brush is enough. They have a pearly finish, giving a natural and pretty glow. I look healthier with this blush on, that's a weird statement but go test it and you'll see what I mean. If you're a fan of the Hourglass ambient lighting blushes - at an eye watering £28 - the Maxfactor blushes are a brilliant and affordable alternative.

GOSH velvet touch prime and set powder - £9.99 Superdrug

This stuff is truly amazing! I've never seen a primer in the form of a powder before, so I was skeptical as hell. But, this is the best oil controlling product I have ever used. Big claim, but its true. I put this powder on under my make-up and wasn't oily for the next 6 hours. I usually get really shiny around the 2/3 hour mark, but with this on even after 6 hours I only had a slight sheen to my skin. It feels strange at first, putting on a powder before your foundation, but I'm already used to it. It provides a smooth, yet matte base for make-up and also works well to make whatever you put on top last better too. I can't believe its so cheap, I would honestly pay double for this.

Essie nail polishes - £7.99 Boots

Essie is the best nail polish on the high street for a few reasons. They have an insane amount of colors (over 300) going from the palest pink to the deepest wine red, and everywhere in between. There are different finishes including matte, glitter and metallic. They last well on the nails, about 4 or 5 days before slight chipping (depending on the base coat used) and the brand is always coming out with limited edition colors and artist collaborations. In their entire collection there is a perfect shade for everyone, several perfect shades in fact.

Maybelline color drama lipsticks - £4.99 Boots

Another dreamy matte offering from the drugstore, this time in the form of a lip crayon from Maybelline. These lipsticks have less staying power (around 10 hours) but this is still pretty impressive, and are worth re-applying should you be out for 10+ hrs, you party animal you. It glides on smoothly, as it contains castor seed oil and shea butter, and are highly pigmented. I like that they are in a crayon form because it means you can get a more precise application around the cupids bow. They have 9 colors, the majority of which are flattering on all skin tones. They are similar to the Nars velvet matte lip pencils  only less drying, and in fewer shades.

La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo Plus - £15.50 at Boots (but usually cheaper online at Feel Unique)

I'm about to purchase my third tube of this serum, I've never stuck with a single skin care item for this long, ever. This won't keep away hormonal spots (very few things do) but it does prevent spots by unclogging pores, it contains glycerin which helps to promote moisture and linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that helps skin regeneration, making things very soft and smooth. On oily and combination skins, it provides a smooth and matte base for make-up, for very oily skins, you could use this alone, but for more combination skins this serum can be used before a moisturizer. This also claims to fade dark marks but I haven't noticed any improvements there, if it doesn't work in that area I don't even care, that's how much I love this product.

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  1. lovely picks :) i like the look of the liquid lipstick


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