Monday, 4 May 2015

March and April Favorites

Until I bought this I used nothing but my naked palette, but I find myself reaching for this affordable offering from Collection much more these days. The quality wasn't something I was expecting when I swatched this in store. The shadows are highly pigmented, soft, and very blendable, there's a good mixture of colors if you're into the smokey, bronzey look, they contain shimmer but it's a subtle amount, very flattering. I can't believe this palette is only £3.99?! I loved it so much I went back and bought the 'Nude' version.

Before this I hadn't tried anything from Smashbox before, but based on how incredible this foundation is I'm definitely going to try more of their products. First of all, cool name, Liquid Halo? I'm always drawn in by a cool name. This is the lightest texture foundation I've ever come across, its so liquid its practically water, giving the most natural finish. It has enough substance to it to apply nicely with a brush, and blends into the skin in a matter of seconds, seriously, seconds. Its a high coverage but in a light formula, I like that it has SPF 15 because sun protection isn't something I think about too much, and its oil free. When I've played around with it some more I'll link a full review to this foundation.

My eyes aren't really dry at all, however I do like to bring my serum and moisturizer around the eye area just to keep it hydrated. I got this eye serum from my sister and didn't think much of it, why do I need a serum specifically for my eyes? well, I don't, but if you have particularly dry skin or sensitive eyes, this is a beautiful serum, its very gentle, but packs a massive moisture punch. There is a faint scent of rose but this disapears once it sinks into the skin.

Elf is a very hit and miss brand, some things I've tried from them have been very underwhelming, but when they get it right they get it really right. The shimmering facial whip is a beam coming off your face kind of highlighter. There is a lot of iridescent shimmer in it, as the name would suggest, but based in a cream formula this makes for a beautiful highlight, its a little showy but I still like to wear it in the day time and its been on my cheeks every day for the past few months. Much better than the famous Benefit high beam in my opinion, and ridiculously cheap too.

My eye primer of choice has been the GOSH waterproof eye shadow stick for many years now, which just goes to show how effective it is, and how long it lasts. Its a cream shadow that I apply in a thin layer all over the lid, and then pack on my powder shadow over top. it works as glue for whatever eyeshadow you apply, as well as giving your eye shadow phenomenal staying power, it also gives much better color pay off. I rate it much higher than any other primer I've tried (even though technically it isn't a primer) and I'm considering getting another one in a darker or more vibrant shade.

My lashes are very stubborn, I'd describe them as elephant like because although there are a lot of them, they stick out straight and struggle to hold a curl. Since I invested in the Shishedo eye lash curler my lashes look much bigger, and actually stay curled by the end of the day, something that I could never achieve before. Unlike conventional curlers, this one has a wide brim and thin band, meaning it doesn't snag on your lashes painfully, and you can get right to the base of the lash line, creating a much bigger and more fluttery curl. Absolutely worth the money.

I got the Balance me radiance mask free in a magazine and like most freebies, didn't think it would be anything special, but this really is. Its a smooth texture, with lots of gentle exfoliating ground walnut, because of the natural ingredients it smells a little of a garden but I like that. One of the top ingredients is Glycerin - it naturally occurs in the skin - which retains moisture. It also contains sweet almond oil, vitamin E, chamomile, rosmary, ylang ylang and glycolic acid, making it super nourishing and after a few uses, I honestly noticed a glow.

Seche Vite is a love amongst many a blogger and beauty professional alike, its often said to be the best top coat in the world. This gives the most shiny look to the nails, but the thing I'm impressed most by is the speed in which it dries. It really only takes about thirty seconds once applied, meaning you don't have to wait around for twenty minutes not being able to use your hands. It also prelongs the life of my manicure.

I always on the hunt for a new candle (I bought two this month) the other one doesn't even get a mention because it just doesn't compare. The Pairfum candle I got is in ginger and lemongrass, I got the small size just to try it but now I regret not buying the larger one. It smells fresh but spicy at the same time, I like to burn it in the evenings and once Its burned for an hour it pretty much fills up the entire house with its scent.

I'd never heard of Grown Alchemist before and pretty much only bought this because the brand has a cool name. Kidding, it had good reviews. I've been looking for a more heavy duty hand cream. At work I wash my hands a lot (those handling money on a daily basis will understand) and the constant use of soap really dries out my hands. I've tried the Boots number 7 hand cream (terrible) and the soap and glory hand food (smells amazing, decent moisture but leaves a greasy film) this hand cream is light weight and sinks in almost instantly, the skin is conditioned but not greasy in the slightest. The scent is pleasant but not very strong, and it doesn't linger.

I've been back into glittery nails, and no ones does glitter like Nails Inc. I bought the Winter wonderland collection, three glitter polishes from their 'Special effects' line. Trafalgar Square is a blood red glitter that I've been wearing non-stop, St George's Square is a white and silver shimmer in a clear polish, I've yet to try it but seen it look amazing on other people, almost like glittery snow. And Buckingham Square is a beautiful rose gold glitter, looks very pretty painted on just the tip of the nail.

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