Thursday, 28 May 2015

May Favorites

I've mentioned in past favorites my obsession with the sugar crush range from Soap and Glory. I got a small sample of this body wash and as soon as it ran out I got the full size. Its a creamy lotion like body wash that smells incredible. It smells like zesty limes, sugar and more awake mornings. Its basically a mojito minus the mint. If you like fresh, citrus, sweet scents, you'll be super into this. Also, the bottle is huge so it'll last you a long time, great value for how much you get.

This is a hesistant favorite because although it hydrates amazingly well and sinks in fairly fast, the smell... I hate it! it literally smells like plants, some people like that, I don't. I can look past it because the smell only lingers for a few minutes and then its gone. This is full of essential oils but manages to absorb fast without a greasy feel. Its a little greasy compared to the Grown Alchemist hand cream I love (which is still my all time favorite, absorbs instantly, smells amazing, its like giving your hands a glass of water, if that makes sense) but this Neals Yard one is a close second.

I'm surprised I haven't mentioned Biotin before because its something I take everyday. Its a B vitamin supplement that aids growth in hair and nails. I was researching online one day for ways to make nails less brittle - mine are always breaking/peeling - and lots of people suggested taking Biotin. I ordered some and after taking it every day for just a week my nails were as hard as rocks, and growing insanely fast! This stuff works like nothing else. Don't waste your money or expectations on 'nail hardening' polishes from the likes of Sally Hansen. Just take Biotin. Try to get the 5000 mcg one, the higher the strength the better the results.

Not many people are deficient in Biotin (its found in most foods we eat) but if you drink a lot, eat processed foods or smoke chronically, its likely you are deficient. Other benefits include regulating blood sugar, helping the body metabolize fats and carbohydrates (because of this it can also aid in weight loss), and it seriously strengthens hair,

Perfect balance is an amazing day time moisturizer, if you have money to burn. I got a small sample of it and was sad when it finally ran out. Its the ideal moisturizer for oily skins, because it hits the face with a load of hydration but leaves skin completely matte, I wouldn't purchase the full size because its £42, and as amazing as it is, there are similar moisturizers out there for a lot less, if you want something similar, the Neals Yard Power Berry moisturizer is a very close dupe. Different textured creams, same result.

And the Soap and Glory fixation continues! I've heard great things about their scrubs, so I got the 'Breakfast Scrub' which smells like a cappuccino and maple flapjack all in one, sounds weird, but trust me its a heavenly scent. This a very exfoliating body scrub, very thorough, but gentle. the scrubby particles stay in tact as you work it into the damp skin meaning you can use the same amount of product over a lot of surface area. This is a big tub and will last a long time, I can tell. I think there must be essential oils in it too because my skin always feels much softer after using it.

Another hesitant favorite, because I'm not a huge fan of the NYX blushes by themselves. Wearing this blush alone, it won't last you all day (5 hours on an oily skin) which annoys me because I typically wear make-up for 12 - 14 hours a day and need something that lasts, however, used over the top of other blushes, it gives a hint of color and a beautiful iridescent shimmer. For super blush longevity, I pat in a very small amount of cream blush, I'm talking a minuscule amount, you don't want the color, you want the adhesive nature of the cream blush. Before it sets I dust on a MAC blush, and then over the top of that I dust on a NYX blush. Sounds a lot, but if you use a little of each product, its a recipe for all day/night blush.

The NYX blushes are very pretty worn alone, but you will need to take it with you for touch ups throughout the day. Although, they're so affordable you can use it more often without feeling like you're wasting product.

This primer used to come attached to a Maxfactor foundation, and that was the only way you could get it. Now they sell the primer separately and I'm so glad, otherwise I probably never would have tried it. This goes on as a lotion and once rubbed in to skin, it sets fairly matte. It provides a smooth surface for make-up and gives SPF 20 protection, something I've been really appreciating in the warmer months. It really does make my foundation last longer, great product, would suit all skin types.

I didn't like this serum at first. It's a very 'wet' serum, like a watery gel consistency. Once rubbed in it leaves skin tacky to the touch. Its strange, but when you apply moisturizer over top, it does make skin smoother and softer. It contains 4% Glycolic acid which treats blemishes (I genuinely think its working in that department, I had a spot the other day which came to a head. 3 nights of using this serum and its dried up to nothing!) it also minimizes the look of pores and gives a gentle, even exfoliation. Side note: smells like oranges.

I stole borrowed this perfume from my mum recently and remembered how good it was, so I got one for myself. I've been wearing it every day, here's the part where I horribly describe what it smells like. Its musky, floral, sweet, its a strong scent but because of that - and the quality - you only need 2 sprays and it lasts all day. Expensive, but worth it.

First let me just say that I have Eczema (a dry skin condition which affects mostly my legs), and so most moisturizers don't work for me, they just aren't enough for my dry, dry skin. This is literally the only exception. This is the best moisturizer I have ever used. Move over E45, Nivea, every other brand I've tried, and I have tried many different body moisturizers.  I'm sure it has some kind of oil in it, but once you rub it in (also absorbs very fast, meaning I don't have to get up super early to moisturize before work! Eczema problems...) once rubbed in, it doesn't have a greasy feel, my skin is softened and still soft by the end of the day. Top marks Dove!

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