Monday, 2 November 2015

Tate Modern

Recently I went into London to visit the Tate Modern, a vast art gallery hosting the best (and some of the worst) in modern art. The thing I love most about modern art is the reactions it attracts, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I believe that statement holds true for art too. For me, it doesn't have to be overly complex, painted in oils, take hours to complete or be framed, to be art.

To be honest, I'd recommend going to the Tate even if you hate art, its fun to listen to people walk around and talk about what it all means. In my opinion 'art critic' really shouldn't exist as a job title, only the individual can critique art. Its how the art affects you personally, your judgement of a piece shouldn't be coloured by what other people think of it.

Or as Jay Z would say "Fuck critics, you can kiss my whole ass hole, you don't my lyrics you can press fast-forward"

Shakespeare's famous Globe Theatre is a stones throw away from the Tate. I was tempted to go in because I've never been before but by this time I was ravenous. So, food it was.

Cherry whiskey sour, my favourite drink of all time.

We went to a place called 'Porky's BBQ' which I thought was just in Camden, but they also have branches at Bankside (the one we were at) and Box Park. 

I went for the 'Porky burger' a tender beef burger topped with the softest, perfectly spiced pulled pork, crispy bacon and cheese. This is a seriously good burger, definitely goes up there in my top 3.

It wouldn't be a day out if there wasn't booze at the end of it (pretty sure that's how alcoholism starts) anyway, I would recommend the Tate for the sheer hilarity factor alone, if you actually like modern art then it will be even better for you. There was this one piece that was literally just a mirror on the wall, my friend hated this but I loved it. It startled me at first because I wasn't expecting to see myself, then I found it funny and took a picture.

My favourite piece was the first one I saw, the large grey monster looking thing that hangs from the ceiling, it reminds me of a creature from Final fantasy or something. It looks even more impressive up close, in person. To be fair a lot of these photo's don't do the real things justice.

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