Saturday, 21 November 2015

Weekly Inspirations


The Perks of being a Wallflower

I read this a while back and fell in love with it, I can't believe I haven't mentioned it sooner. Its composed completely of letters that Charlie, the protagonist, writes to a stranger, he writes about his experiences at school and what's going on around him. He is clearly intelligent from the outset, shy, and not very sociable. This book really captures moments of true reality and human emotion, I don't want to ruin the plot so I won't say much more but this book really changed me, and I don't say that often about books. It made me think a lot about life, about people, about how our decisions affect us and those around us. Read it, just read it.

Station 11

A friend recommended this book to me, and even though it wasn't anything like I thought it would be, I still enjoyed it. Its about a virus taking over the world and killing most people off. The remaining survivors have to try and rebuild society. Some people create villages and live together, others decide to live alone, and travel. There is a group that does nothing but travel from place to place, performing Shakespeare, why they do this is questioned multiple times, I think its because art is important, its not trivial, its essential to our existence. What would (or should) be most important to hold onto when there's nothing left? It made me think about art and how it connects us to our emotions and each other, and "survival is insufficient" you have to live.

The curious incident of the dog in the night time

My little sister said I should read this, she knows me so well. Its written in an unconventional style of voice, from the perspective of a 15 year old boy who have behavioural issues. Even though I felt the plot could be a little better, and there are a lot of parts I wouldn't consider essential to the story (aka they should have been edited out) I really enjoyed this, and I would recommend it to anyone, everyone.


Nine Inch Nails

I've gotten really into Nine Inch Nails in recent years, but more so now. Their songs just seem to fit the tone of my novel, so I like to listen to them when I'm creating scenes and plot developing. The Hand that Feeds' is a classic, and one of my favourites.

The one I listen to the most however, is 'Something I can never have' a beautifully tragic, haunting masterpiece of human emotion. Flyleaf also did a thoroughly decent cover of this song too. Best listened to with headphones in.


Jessica Jones

This only came out a few days ago on Netflix but I'm already about halfway through the series. Its based on the Marvel comic book character of the same name, mostly associated with Luke Cage (also known as Power Man) she is a private investigator, a heavy drinker, blunt, honest and solitary by nature (and necessity) she is the female superhero the small screen has been lacking for so long. There are plenty of female heroes in the Marvel universe but very few of them have been immortalised in film or TV. Jessica Jones is gritty, funny, dark and interesting.

Kat Von D

Just as a person, she has been inspiring me no end. Every time I watch her on Youtube she is surrounded by (and wearing) pure art. What I mean by that is, she'll be wearing a dress inspired by 18th century maids, the hundreds of tattoos she has, her incredible make-up, her house is full of fine art, antiques, strange curiosities. She's into photography, architchture, make-up, fashion, paintings, sculptures, taxidermy etc etc. All the forms of art basically, and I didn't realize until I started watching her that I'm into all those things too.Except taxidermy, no no no, just no haha.

She also speaks in a lexicon of references, I learn a lot from her. From watching just one video I'll discover a cool new (more likely very very old) book I would like, a poet, a musician, or a film to watch.

I love her new Beauty series on Youtube called 'Kat's Beauty Chat' in which she calls on her photographer, make-up artist, Tattoo artist, painter friends to sit in front of a camera and talk all things beauty, it also has some very cool make-up tutorials.

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