Monday, 1 February 2016

January Favourites

MAC lipliner in Cork and Vino

I've been loving this deep, red wine coloured lip liner from MAC, gorgerous on any skin tone, on me its near black with a strong, dark berry undertone. The berry colour would come through much more on a lighter skin tone and look very gothic. Also the MAC lip liners are possibly my favourite kind for formula, colour range and wear time.

NYX soft matte lip cream in Coppenhagen

The dark lip obsession continues. I'm in love with NYX at the moment, which is now available in the UK through Boots (larger stores, also online) Their soft matte lip creams have been on my want list for years. This takes a while to dry down, but when it does it has a very soft, comfortable, matte finish. There is an interesting and diverse range of colours, Coppenhagen is my favourite because much like the MAC lip liner in Vino, this is a dark and vampy colour. Its similar to Vino but has a much more pink base to it. These aren't completely transfer proof, but you sacrifice long wear for comfort on the lips.

NYX liquid suede cream lipstick in Soft Spoken

This is another great lip range by NYX I discovered this month. Soft spoken is a beautiful mauve nude, its almost identical to the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita at a quarter of the price. This claims to dry to a 'matte finish' it isn't matte, but its not a sheen either, its somewhere in the middle. Its not transfer proof but has a good wear time anyway.

MUA undress your skin highlighter in Opealescent Amber

Yet another beautiful offering from the MUA highlighter collection, Opalescent Amber is a stunning bronze coloured highlight, perfect for my skin tone, it gives a very subtle, iridescent sheen to the face. An absolute bargain, enough said.

ColourPop cosmetics ultra matte liquid lipstick in More Better

Fair warning, the Colorpop ultra matte range although incredible (maybe even more so than MAC) for their colour range, is a very, very drying formula. You're lips will feel parched, but I usually put a thin layer of balm on my lips underneath which helps. More better is a deep, true berry, it looks more of a red on lighter skins, more of a pink on darker ones. I rarely go back to the same lip colour but I find myself wearing this again and again.

Fashion Fair oil control pressed powder

I rediscovered this in my collection recently and remembered how much I love it. Fashion Fair is such a great range for deeper skin tones, similar to IMAN and MAC in colour choices. This pressed powder controls my oil for a good couple of hours more than if I skip it. It seriously makes the skin look like its airbrushed, no matter what foundation you put underneath.

Revolution The One blush stick in Matte malibu

This would be a fantastic bronzer or cream contour for lighter skin tones, for me, its the most natural looking blush I've ever found. I've never been into cream blushes, but using cream gives a skin like finish, so it doesn't just look like powder on top of the skin. Its also great as a base for other blushes to make your blush really go the distance, and create new colours/ombre effects on your cheeks. Ridiculously cheap, great colours.

Clinque Smart Serum

I've been testing this for a few months now and can report its amazing. Its a thick, almost silicone feeling serum that sinks in super fast and plumps the skin beyond belief. It should, for how expensive it is. I don't think I would purchase this full size, but if you're incredibly dry skinned or mature, this would be a worthy investment.

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