Sunday, 14 February 2016

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14 days on a sugar free diet 

I'm on something of a health kick at the moment, and this is the longest I've managed to stick to it in my entire life. The hardest thing for me right now isn't the exercising or hunger, its sugar. I didn't realize how much of a sugar addict I was until I cut it out completely - at least - I managed to for 2 weeks. The first couple days were horrific, I just felt tired, moody, massive withdrawal symptoms. This article on a woman who cut out sugar was helpful, and made me think about sugar not as an evil, but something to have in moderation.

Chelsea Wears on YouTube

I've loved Chelsea Wears for the longest time, recently she's started doing weekly vlogs, where she shares her life in the most frank and refreshingly honest way. I love how unapoligetically herself she is.


Halsey - New Americana

I'm in the middle of checking out the rest of her songs, but this one is my favourite so far.

The Weekend - Tell your friends

I love the Weekend, his lyrics are derogatory to women, mostly about sex and drugs, but damn it his voice is like velvet, I can forgive the lyrics. Also his videos although simple, often tell a story, which I like.



I remember being obsessed with this series when it first aired on TV, years later I found it on Netflix and have been binge watching it for the past few days. This such an interesting show, with well thought out, carefully crafted characters and back stories. If you've never heard of Lost, the premise is a plane crashes on an island in the middle of no where. These people have to learn to survive together and chaos ensues. Its really gripping, I was worried it wouldn't be as good as the first time I watched it, but its even better.

Witches of East End

This is a Netflix original I believe, its about four witches who have been cursed to live and die over and over again, forever. Its a great story line and I love that it centres around a family of four women. It feels very modern, and unlike most witch shows I have seen in the past. I like that the women are heavily flawed, they feel real.

Black Butler

I'm surprised I haven't mentioned this anime before. My sister introduced me to Black Butler and I re-watched it recently. Each episode is only something like 20 minutes so its very easy to get sucked into that 'eternal Netflix doom' thing where you watch for hours on end because you need to know what happens next (just me? it can't just be me...) this is about a rich child and his supernaturally talented butler, its set in Victorian London and invloves a lot of suspense, murderous intentions and supernatural themes. Its rare that I'll re-watch an anime so this one is absolutely worthy viewing.

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