Friday, 11 March 2016

Weekly Inspirations

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Jason Vlogs

There's something truly satisfying about watching vlogs, for those that don't know a 'vlog' is short for video blog, essentially you follow around someone as they go about their daily life as they narrate it for you. Most of the vlog channels I watch are women but I stumbled upon Jason and cannot stop watching. He uses great time lapses for cinematic looking footage, and always chooses fantastic, moody and original music. The video I've posted here by him is my favourite so far, he gets his friend to talk about his career in the photography business and the basic functions of a professional camera.

Kicki yang Zhang

Oh my fucking god I love this woman! she is so funny, definitely my kind of humour. She is a very real, honest and fun loving Chinese girl living in Germany. She swears like a sailor, shows us how to make really tasty vegan recipes and finds the interesting/funny in everything. I love her vlog's but her 'what I eat in a day' videos have been very helpful in me finding new, healthy recipes to try.


American Psycho

I'm using the film dust jacket here because I thought it was funny. Although this book is anything but funny (the film is another story) There is a lot of dialogue in this, in fact 90% of the book is made up of conversations between characters so its one you have to really pay attention to as you read. There is a lot of what could be called 'useless' passages describing what people are wearing, but this only shows how important appearances are in this fragile society of ego's. Bateman is a self obsessed narcissist that develops into the most debased and twisted character by the end. Its a true masterpiece of horror, an absolute must read. Fair warning, this is one of the most graphic books I've ever read, very detailed descriptions of gore.


I've been meaning to read this for a while, I loved the film so much when it came out (if you haven't already, go watch it!) this is about a young girl who moves into a new house. Within the house she finds a door that leads to no where, or at least she thinks it does, at certain times it leads to another house, one that's identical to her own, with two new parents. Its a children's book but I enjoyed it a lot, Gaiman doesn't dumb down the language for his younger readers, which I appreciate. It shows all the whimsical and dark fantasy of his other works. A short, but fantastic read.

Just so happens

This is a very simple story, displayed in equally simple, but stunning, watercolour illustrations. A young Japanese girl living in London must return to her home country for her fathers funeral, she remarks on the cultural differences between the two places, and how different she feels towards both countries. I loved the artwork but I wish the story was a little longer.

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