Sunday, 23 October 2016

Send me nudes: A lipstick love story

There's something understated, yet incredibly chic about a nude lipstick. Its the equivalent of wearing foundation, in the way that it evens out the skin tone and makes your lips look like a more polished version of itself. For what felt like years, I'd been in search of that elusive 'your lips but better' shade, but for anyone darker than an NC35 (MAC terms) it can be difficult to find a nude lipstick for your skin tone because there's not as much choice. Although over the years (and thanks to the 90's dark brown lip trend coming back) there are more nude shades than ever for darker skinned people to choose from.

The first nude I discovered was Charlotte Tilbury's matte revolution lipstick in 'Birkin Brown' which in typical Tilbury style, comes in stunning packaging, mine looks worse for wear because its always in the bottom of my handbag.

'Birkin Brown' is a pretty, warm toned, brown nude. Its a slightly darker, warm toned version of my own lip colour. The Charlotte Tilbury formula of matte revolution lipsticks are some of the most comfortable mattes I've ever worn. It a very light, thin texture - practically weightless, feels like you're not wearing lipstick - that sets matte on the lips and doesn't feel drying.

Gosh have a great range of matte lipsticks that I only discovered last year. 'Raisin' is a cool toned, pink based nude. 

Its much lighter than Birkin Brown - if you're any darker than me in skin tone, you may want to pair this with a darker brown lip  liner to make it more flattering. Good formula, dries semi-matte but doesn't feel drying, a thicker textured lipstick. Velvet finish.

'Toolips' is a stunning, cool toned, dark plum, brown nude. Ideal for very dark skin tones. I am obsessed with this shade, it goes with every make-up look. Its the balance between casual nude and statement nude.

'Toolips' is from the new 'Ultra Satin' range by Colorpop which I've fallen in love with recently. Its a semi-matte finish, super pigmented formula that feels comfortable on the lips all day long. In fact, this is the most comfortable matte out there. I prefer this range over their 'Ultra Matte' formula which can be very drying and uncomfortable not just throughout the day, but upon first application. I hope they make more shades in the Satin formula!

My perfect nude, the ultimate 'my lips but better' will always be the soft matte lip cream by NYX in the shade 'Berlin'. Its almost the same colour as my actual lips, but a much more warm toned, smooth, matte version. The warmth in this brings life to my face, makes me feel put together, but in a casual 'I didn't try' kind of way.

I applaud NYX for really considering every skin tone, they have 34 shades, ranging from vivid brights to daytime nudes, whatever skin tone you are, you'll find at least three nude shades to suit you from this range. I guarantee.

NYX soft matte lip creams are some of the best liquid to mattes you can find on the high street, and they're very affordable. Its a light, almost mousse-like texture that glides on effortlessly, and dries down matte, this can be a little drying, but if you put a thin coat of lip balm on underneath, it shouldn't be too uncomfortable throughout the day.

As you can tell, all four shades are pretty different when you see them side by side. These are my all time favourites, but I also love the nudes in the Kate Rimmel collection, Revlon do some great shades for all skin tones, and MAC do every shade you can think of, but I find most of their dark girl nude shades are in the 'cream sheen' formula ie: not matte.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Beauty Review

Nyx Mineral 'Set it and don't fret it' matte finishing powder

I've been loving this face powder, it does leave a slightly 'chalky' look to the skin for the first ten minutes, but this can be remedied with a setting spray or a facial mist over top. Great for oily skin, I use this for baking (Baking - essentially just putting a lot of powder on the face to give make-up super longevity and help combat oily skin, you're supposed to dust off the excess but I just leave it on) This only gives a hint of tint so don't expect massive coverage.

The body shop Papaya body butter

I'd forgotten how much I love The Body Shop's body butters, the Papaya one has always been my favourite, mango being a close second, so when I saw they were all half price I bought this. I'm almost finished and I regret not buying two or three. These body butters are incredibly softening from the community trade Shea butter they use, and they smell amazing. Also a billion* different scents to choose from.

*Slight Exaggeration 

REN centifolia express make-up remover

I get through make-up removers fast, so I'm always on the look out for different ones, better ones. REN is a brand I've been using for years, they are pricey but their formulas are always very effective. This is a cream make-up remover that you use by squirting some onto a cotton pad. The cream doesn't remove waterproof make-up, but it doesn't claim to either. Leaves skin very soft, might actually re-purchase this.

Nars velvet matte skin tint

I walked into Space NK just 'having a browse' and somehow walked out with this foundation. This is the best foundation for oily skin. Period. It  a lightweight, cream texture that goes on smoothly and blends in fast, I'd suggest only doing one part of the face at a time because it sets so quickly. Once it sets its going nowhere for at least 12 hours. This is a light to medium coverage, if you have heavy acne scars or discolouration you may want to pair this base with a heavier concealer. Also SPF 30 making it ideal for Summer.

Crabtree and Evelyn Jojoba bath and massage oil

My boiler got taken out recently and I couldn't have a bath for two weeks (Tiny violin sounds off somewhere) and I realise that this is a 1st world problem, but it made me remember how much I love baths. This bath oil is beautiful, it smells very subtle and spa like, you won't get overwhelming scent when you put it in the bath, but what you will get is unbelievably soft skin that doesn't need to be moisturised (but I'd still suggest doing so) I think this will forever be a repeat purchase for me.

Carmex cherry lip-balm

This was always a very underrated lip balm to me, I've tried a thousand different ones but I keep going back to Carmex. It smells strongly of cherries - which I love - and properly sinks into the lips. It contains menthol to soothe dry and sore skin, cococa butter to soften and SPF15 to protect against the sun.

NYX liquid suede lipstick in 'Stone Fox'

I love the formula of the NYX liquid suedes, they adhere to the lips like a matte but have the comfort-ability of a cream. 'Stone Fox' is an unusual grey toned blue, it looks beautiful on all skin shades and I don't know what else to say about it. I love it!

Eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner

This has been the month of me losing eyeliners (R.I.P...) and I really miss this one. Its used famoulsy by Alexa Chung and her eyeliner flick is always on point, now I can see why. This has a very sharp point but a thicker base, meaning depending which angle you hold this at, you can create a tiny, thin line or a thicker, more bold one. Its not waterproof but it sets down well and lasts all day (if you don't cry or rub your eye too vigorously)

Caudalie serum

This serum feels lovely, its the most moisturising serum I think I've ever used, the skin turns a little tacky after use, making it the perfect base before your daytime/nighttime moisturiser. I only had a sample of this so I can't say it helps with discolouration, but its certainly hydrating.

Nuxe multipurpose face hair and body oil

I haven't used this on my hair, but on the skin its amazing. I like to use this multipurpose oil as the last step in my skincare routine, to seal in all my night cream. Sometimes I'll mix a few drops into my moisturiser if I'm short of time, but more often than not I'll spend ten or so minutes massaging this into the skin, then putting on another layer so it can sink in over night. It smells incredible, and doesn't feel greasy at all.

Kiko unlimited foundation

I hate this foundation. I tried so, so hard to love it, but I hate it. Its a thick cream that takes forever to blend out, it dries down way too matte, sinks into fine lines, looks cakey on the skin. I have tried every way of applying this, with a brush, with my fingers, with a damp sponge, nothing works. I also tried thinning it out with a moisturiser, and a bb cream. No, this is an unworkable formula, sorry Kiko!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Weekly Inspirations


Teen Wolf

Teen wolf isn't something I saw myself getting addicted to, its about this boy who gets bitten and you can kind of guess the rest. His girlfriend also happens to be a wolf hunter, there are positive themes of homosexuality and feminism that give this show a very modern feel.

Hemlock Grove

This was brilliant, its based on a book and there are only 3 seasons, but I still loved it. It centres around Peter who becomes a wolf every full moon, there are also creatures called 'Opir' which are essentially vampires. Adult themes, sex, violence, incest and magic make it sound less accessible than it is. There's a warm core of 'trying to do the right thing' with these characters, but they are so damaged and flawed that this always seems hard for them to do. Also some very cool scenes of humans turning into wolves, watch it just for that, the special effects are amazing.

Books: The bone season

This was a long but great book. Its set in a world where clairvoyance exists, but its illegal. Known clairvoyants who work for the state are used to catch other clairvoyants on the street. London has become this underground network of illegal clairvoyance trade, whilst the main character is happy living underground, she is kidnapped and becomes a slave in a place that isn't even on the map anymore. Its interesting, its very plot driven but the characters are well fleshed out and the book keeps you intrigued until the last page, I regret not pre-ordering the next book in the series, now I have to wait for it in the post.


Willow Smith - Female Energy

I had no idea Willow Smith was still making music these days, I stumbled across this gem by her and now I can't stop listening to it. It's a very chilled out, alternative song, my favourite kind at the moment.


'What not to say to a Bisexual person'

I always found it interesting that people don't see bisexual people as a thing, like its just some made up sexuality because people don't talk about it on a serious level. This girl is one of my favourites on Youtube, in this video she talks about all the common misconceptions that come along with being bisexual.


Do you know how difficult is was to find pictures or videos of black girls wearing different lipstick shades was before Youtube? Tv adverts and magazines never show what colours looks like on darker women, which makes it impossible to know what those shades will look like on us, compared to someone paler. This video shows all 29 Kat Von D liquid lipstick shades on 4 different skin tones. Genius.

A beginners guide to fitness

I get asked a lot of fitness related questions, how do I find motivation to get in the gym? What exercises are best for weight loss? I...