Sunday, 1 January 2017

My goals for 2017

I never understood the point in New Years resolutions before now, because I never thought I would be the kind of person who could lose weight/quit smoking/drink less etc, but I sort of accidentally did all three of those things in 2016.

This has spurred me onto wanting to achieve more things, so here are my personal goals for 2017:

Lose approximately 6 stone

Publish my novel

Move out again

Read 40 books

Go on holiday somewhere sunny

Grow my natural hair out

Meditate and do more yoga

Look at people when I'm taking to them

The last one might seem a little strange, but I've noticed that when I meet new people I don't really look at them. This makes it difficult for me to remember people after I've met them because obviously, I don't properly know what they look like. I think its an anxiety related issue, I'm working on it, but its something I've always done, I just never noticed it about myself until recently.

I encourage you to write down your goals, put in your phone, write them on a piece of paper and stick it to your fridge, have some kind of physical list around that you can look at for daily reminders. Tell people about your goals too, talking about them with other people makes it feel more real and important.

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