Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Park Road Kitchen

Park Road Kitchen is a lovely little cafe in battersea. I stumbled across it when I was looking for somewhere new to eat lunch, and I'm so glad I did.

As you walk in, behind the counter there's this huge oven filled with flames, which is where they cook the chicken.

They do a fantastic array of healthy options, mixed in with a few treats like Pecan pie. There is also fresh fruit, fresh bread and some chilled drinks on offer, such as chilled coffees and fruit juices.

I went for the half rotisserie chicken which was super tender, with a side of kale and sweet potato salad (really fresh, you know a place is great when they can make kale taste good!) as well as tabouleh, which I'd never actually tried before, it gets a huge thumbs up.

The decor is simple yet very instagramable. It has a very rustic and homely vibe about the place. Everything about this cafe is accommodating, and the people that run the place are lovely too. I love that they have little pots of sea salt and pepper on the side, as well as 'mystery sauce' as I call it because there was no label on the bottles (whatever it was, it tasted great!)

This really is a gem of Battersea. Everything I've tried there has been delicious (highly suggest you try the ceasar salad, those croutons are the stuff dreams are made of!) This place will definitely be seeing a lot more of me.

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