Sunday, 11 June 2017

Streat Life festival at Alexandra Palace

I'm all about festivals (I've been to 4 this year already) so when I heard about the street food and craft beer festival happening at Alexandra Palace, I was very excited. Food and booze? Two of my favorite things.

Once I saw the pulled pork stand we made a beeline for it. I didn't even look at the other food otherings which in hindsight I regret, would have loved to try the Buddha bowls. However, the pork bun I had was great, although it would have been better in a sauce. Mikes ribs 'fell off the bone' as he put it.

Up on a hill, we had spectacular views of London. It was a very windy but hot day, ideal weather conditions.

There was a DJ playing what can only be described as 'dance music' no words, just a beat. There was also a very entertaining old man who had some serious dance moves. I don't know who he is, but if you're reading this, hit me up so we can go to the club one time. Joking. (or am I?)

The inside was absolutely stunning. The whole of the ceiling was a window, which let in a mass amount of natural sunlight. There were also giant trees everywhere.

One of the least expensive things on the menu, this wine was great. If you go to this festival, and like me, you enjoy a drink or 5, be prepared to part with a lot of cash because the drinks are not cheap.

I'm not sure this guy was creating, but he was painting this for the entire duration of our stay.

Speaking of expensive drinks, I couldn't resist buying one of these tropical cocktails, (£12 each) which come inside a whole pineapple!? From memory, it contained something like, mango juice, vodka, Malibu and elder-flower.

Had to try these waffles, I got 'banoffee' which was fresh banana, white chocolate, toffee sauce and powdered sugar.

This was a great festival, I encourage you to go if you're a massive foodie because there's a lot of choice. There are healthy options, as well as the typical pizza and burgers you find at most food stalls. The views around London were amazing, my photos don't really do it justice. I forgot how much I love eating outdoors (easy to do in London, where it rains 90% of the time) this place was kind of like a giant, pricey picnic. Go to this festival for the atmosphere and the food.

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